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[Decalogue] Episode X

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Hmmm, are you one of those rare souls, like me, who think White was the best entry in the Three Colours series?

"Sympathy must precede belligerence. First I must understand the other, as it were, from the inside; then I can critique it from the outside. So many people skip right to the latter." -- Steven D. Greydanus
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On first watching I'd say it was very close between White and Red for me. But the second time through, it was Blue that took over. I'm doing round #3 this weekend, so I'll be able to say for sure on Monday...

Monday Edit: Everytime I watch, and finish White, I say "that's the best one". Then I get to Red, and it blows me away all over again. So Red by a mile, for tops in Three Colors (though it's essential to watch the other two to get the final effect...). Irene Jacob *swoon*!!!!

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- Well, this certainly makes one question the wisdom of collecting anything as a hobby at all. It does become like a drug. I remember back years ago when I collected baseball cards. In fact, I can't say I'm too far away from this sort of thing except I've just progressed to books and films.

- I like the questions and comments that Artur keeps making. “Where does it come from? This urge to have things?” or “And perhaps none of it exists. It you don’t want it, it ceases to exist.” Both comments could occupy hours worth of discussion.

- The devolution of both Artur and Jerzy into obsessed, hysterical, maniacal collectors is a wonder to behold. Their looking at all these stamps progresses from vague disinterest, to mild curiosity, to shock, to treasure hunters, to crafty misers, all the way into what starts to feel like an obsessive compulsive disorder. “It would look good with the others" doesn't seem as innocent a comment the more you think about coveting possessions, and the more you see how acquiring otherwise meaningless possessions changes both men.

- Now we know where Zofia's friend got his Zeppelin stamps.

- This might be one of the best explorations of the problems with materialism that I have ever seen on film.

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