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Damah 2003

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I just received a copy of the finished film which is my second film credit. It's a ONE MINUTE entry for this year's damah and I did the casting and location scouting. Eh hem, that is abused my role as a teacher and stole some of my drama students and used the school grounds. Anyway, it's entitled "Unrequited."

Also, last year's entry in which I STARRED is available for viewing here. Scroll down the list to "Welcome to the Neighborhood" or look for my bean (back when I had hair upon it).

Be sure to also check out the animated "Match Scratch Fever" - really fascinating.

WARNING: These films are not great(the ones I've been in). They are probably cute, hopefully clever. Last year's is a better concept even if this year's is a bit more polished. The guy making the films is a friend, and even though I'm not crazy about what he does, I'm trhilled to see a Christian venturing into the arts and would be the ultimate hypocrite if I did not support him.

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I am looking forward to viewing this achievement in motion.

I love the Damah film festival. There was an animation short on there 2 years ago, I believe, called Pastor Tim. I found it to be hilarious. They have had quite a lot of promising work in the festival that I have enjoyed and been very encouraged by.

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