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Ansel Adams

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There is a really excellent exhibit of 138 Ansel Adams prints up at the Gilcrease of the Americas the exhibit is based on the Meredeth family collection. The curator did a great job placing Adams in his time and pointing out what is significant about his work( other than they look nice). There are many of his iconic images featured but also still lifes and work that isn't often seen.

There is time spent on his technique that is very interesting.

One of my favorite features is a room featuring Adams contemporaries, Stieglitz, O'Keefe (there is a great photo of O'keefe actually smiling),

the members of the f64 group from San Francico, Strand, Cunningham, Weston, Holder. This room does a very good job reminding of the power of ideas and how significant this group was to developing a visual vocabulary and in a very real way shaping the way, people view the western American landscape.

from the F/64 manifesto; "Group f/64 limits its members and invitational names to those workers who are striving to define photography as an art form by simple and direct presentation through purely photographic methods. The Group will show no work at any time that does not conform to its standards of pure photography. Pure photography is defined as possessing no qualities of technique, composition or idea, derivative of any other art form. The production of the "Pictorialist," on the other hand, indicates a devotion to principles of art which are directly related to painting and the graphic arts."

So many of the ideas of Modernism have become such a part of the vocabulary of "Art" that it is easy to forget that there was a time before they existed.

I really enjoyed myself. If you pass through Tulsa it is worth a stop.

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