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Ron Reed

The Top 100: Selection Process

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Gather nominees from general membership



First Round Acclamation/Elimination process

I invited the ten people with the most posts, plus a couple of relative newcomers who've been posting a lot since they arrived, plus a couple of other obviously core members who maybe don't post as frequently as others, to give me a list of up to 100 films (they are sending me anywhere from 25 to 100 titles) chosen from the nomination list. Somewhere between 30 and 50 titles will end up having drawn the widest support from that group, and will be given secure places on the final list. Also, a whole lot of films will have failed to get the support of more than one (or maybe two) people in that group, and will drop out of contention for this year's list (unless they get reintroduced in Step 5 or Step 6). The remaining films (plus a number of late nominees which have come in since nominations officially closed) will comprise the list of "Electable Films."




General Free-For-All Discussion about the Electable films

A list of the "Electable" films (all those which have neither been eliminated nor already placed on the final list as a result of Step 2) will be posted for discussion for one week. Advocate for "your" films, challenge others, kick the thing around.

Discussion will be extended through to April 23 at midnight.



General Voting

For one week, all participants in the board (if you can post, you can vote) are invited to send me, by Private Message, their ballot. They will indicate how many of the Electable Films they have seen, which determines how many votes they are allowed to cast. They may then cast up to five of their votes (or as few as zero votes) for each of the various titles on the Electable Films list. It is not necessary to have seen a given film in order to vote for it: if you believe it ought to be on our final list, you may vote for it. This process will provide a further forty to fifty titles for the eventual Top 100.

Voting begins April 18, closes April 23 at midnight. Results posted April 25 (or as soon as they can all be tabulated).


Special Jury Selections

The first five steps will have provided 80 or more titles to the final Top 100. Three (?) juries will then deliberate over other titles which should be added to the list from their field of specialty or interest, to round out the list to 100. I'm thinking one jury for art films / world cinema, another for biblical films, another for "soul food" films that for whatever reason just didn't make the cut - too old, too little-known, whatever.

Jury decisions due April 30. Final Top 100 List posted May 1.


"Peculiar Treasures" Selections

I think it would serve to make this list significantly more interesting if we were to supplement our main list of 100 films, arrived at through the above (unnecessarily convoluted) process, with a batch of spiritually significant films that aren't widely enough known (or liked!) to win general voter or jury support, but which have strong advocates within our circle. So we'll also be making up a short list of off-the-beaten-track movies that individuals here want everybody to know about - not just faves, but faves with a distinctly spiritual appeal, even if only for the Enthuser!

Examples. It doesn't look like anybody else is going to vote for my beloved THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, but it just has to be on the list. Darrel Manson keeps tossing the ROLLERBALL hook in the water, but nobody even nibbles. Matt Page is crazy about SON OF MAN, but which no one but Matt has ever seen. Hal Hartley's BOOK OF LIFE is getting forgotten, but maybe Peter Chattaway wants to soapbox it? Mike Leary seems to think there's something spiritual about that weird DEAD MAN movie, and Mr Prins will never speak to any of us again if THE SON doesn't get mentioned. (Not to say it won't

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