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Ron Reed

2008 Top Ten Films Lists

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I don't really know you that well, but from what I do know, I'm very surprised to not see The Visitor anywhere on that list. Not even on the Eager to See portion.

I liked it, I do think it's a good film, but it hasn't stayed with me.

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I'm glad to see The Visitor at the top of someone else's list, Darrel.

Here's my list so far. There are still a couple films I haven't seen yet that have a good chance of making it, like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Wrestler.

1) The Visitor

2) Flight of the Red Balloon

3) Elegy

4) The Dark Night

5) Wall-E

6) Son of Rambow

7) Hellboy II

8) Cassandra's Dream

9) In Bruges

10) Burn After Reading

11) Speed Racer

12) Rachel Getting Married

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Where do you people with small children find babysitters?!

I saw five, count em, five 2008 films this year (and only two in the theater).

So, my top five for 2008 in order of preference.

1) The Dark Knight


3) Iron Man

4) Cloverfield

5) Rambo

Oh, wait, I miscounted. I also saw Indiana Jones. I liked better than Cloverfield, but less than Iron Man. So

4. IJ

5. Cloverfield.

6. Rambo.

That makes me feel a little better. Now less than 20% of my 2008 movies were comprised of Rambo.

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Brett McCracken:

10) Ballast (dir. Lance Hammer)

9) Synecdoche, New York (dir. Charlie Kaufman)

8) Wendy and Lucy (dir. Kelly Reichardt)

7) Vicky Cristina Barcelona (dir. Woody Allen)

6) Australia (dir. Baz Luhrmann)

5) Flight of the Red Balloon (dir. Hou Hsiao-Hsien)

4) Rachel Getting Married (dir. Jonathan Demme)

3) The Dark Knight (dir. Christopher Nolan)

2) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (dir. David Fincher)

1) Paranoid Park (dir. Gus Van Sant)

Kurt Loder, MTV:

Best Picture: "The Wrestler"

Best Director: Isabelle Coixet, "Elegy"

Best Actor: Sean Penn, "Milk"

Best Actress: Kate Winslet, "The Reader"

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, "The Dark Knight"

Best Cinematography: Colin Watkinson, "The Fall"

Best Foreign Language Picture: "Let the Right One In"

Best Animated Film: "WALL*E"

Funniest Comedy: "The House Bunny"

Funniest Non-Comedy: "10,000 B.C."

Worst Art Movie: "Flight of the Red Balloon"

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Part Three, all the way to #1, is up at Image.

And if you don't want to bother reading my comments, here's the list:

1. Shotgun Stories


3. Flight of the Red Balloon

4. Rachel Getting Married

5. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days

6. Man on Wire

7. Silent Light

8. Syndromes and a Century*

9. A Christmas Tale

10. The Visitor

11. Up the Yangtze*

12. The Dark Knight

13. Ostrov (The Island)

14. Synecdoche, New York

15. Doubt

16. The Band’s Visit*

17. U23D*

18. Ballast

19. In Bruges

20. Encounters at the End of the World*

21. The Grocer’s Son*

*'d films were screened in other countries, or at festivals, before 2008. I chose films that either received wide release in the U.S. or a Region 1 DVD release accessible in the U.S. (instead of a theatrical release) in 2008. (I define "wide release" as a typical theatrical run, something more than just an Oscar-qualifying run in L.A. and New York.) Up The Yangtze never had a theatrical release in the U.S., but the DVD was available this year. Same with Silent Light.

Edited by Overstreet

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Our 4 stars are:

Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Secret Life of Bees



The Case for Faith

Henry Poole is Here

The List

Young @ Heart

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Tenative Top 10:

The Dark Knight

The Fall

Gran Torino

Pineapple Express

Son of Rambow

Iron Man

Slumdog Millionaire

Be Kind, Rewind


In Bruges

HMs - Paranoid Park, Burn After Reading, Diary of the Dead, Hellboy II

Still want to see: The Wrestler, Changeling, Valkyrie, Tell No One, Doubt

Edited by J.R.

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I think this is the THIRD thread in which I've posted this list. Third time's the charm, no?

My caveats: Still haven't seen The Visitor, The Class, My Winnipeg ... and several others that will jostle this list down the road.

1. Silent Light

2. Wall-E

3. The Wrestler

4. Rachel Getting Married

5. The Flight of the Red Balloon

6. Tropic Thunder

7. Revolutionary Road

8. Happy-Go-Lucky

9. A Christmas Tale

10. Changeling

11. Be Kind Rewind

12. The Fall

13. In Bruges

14. Speed Racer

15. Man on Wire

16. Doubt

17. W.

18. Che

19. Frost/Nixon

20. Shine a Light

Edited by Christian

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This is an extremely late posting of my Top Ten but the usual prestige flicks didn't show up in Saskatoon until just around a week ago. Now, here is my Top Ten Films of 2008.

1. The Dark Knight

2. Revolutionary Road

3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

4. Gran Torino

5. The Wrestler

6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

7. The Visitor

8. Doubt

9. Slumdog Millionaire

10. Iron Man

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Apologies if someone posted this in my absence. I skimmed through the thread but didn't see anything.

10) Seraphine--Martin Provost

9) Three Monkeys--Nuri Bilge Ceylan

8) The Visitor--Thomas McCarthy

7) Happy-Go-Lucky--Mike Leigh

6) Forgetting Sarah Marshall--Nicholas Stoller

5) At the Edge of the World--Dan Stone

4) Lorna's Silence--Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne

3) Wendy and Lucy--Kelly Riechardt

2) Still Walking--Hirokazu Koreeda

1) At the Death House Door -- Peter Gilbert and Steve James

Links to longer reviews are collected at the tab above.

Edited by kenmorefield

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After thinking abot it, '08 was actually a pretty good year.

10 - Quantum of Solace - this one got a lot of hate with the critics, but this continued the story of a

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