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Recording software

Jason Panella

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I'm too tired to type a big long thread.

I want to record some demos in my room, ones that will actually sound OK.

I have access to a good microphone.

I'd like to get either:

A) A freeware program that isn't terrible, and lets me record multiple tracks for each song.


B ) A good, affordable (as in under $500) software package. I'd really, really prefer A.

Any thoughts? I have Audacity on my computer, but haven't tried tinkering with it much.

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i stand by Adobe Audition (formerly CoolEdit) as an inexpensive, yet reliable option for doing demos. If you hunt around you can find an ultra cheap early version. I also have Abelton Live-- a program which does a LOT for the $$$-- but aint all that intuitive on the interface side. I found Live to be frustrating and if you're a right brain personality whose priority is performance and tunes, convoluted software apps can dampen the whole creative process.

Good mics are always nice and cut down on your knob-fiddling in the long run... But frankly, for demos, if you use the right room and mic placement, you can use a pair of SM58's and the vast majority of your listeners will be amazed at the sound.

The biggest headaches i've had are related to latency issues with USB interface devices. Go firewire if at all possible.

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