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Glen Workshop 2009

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(if this isn't the right spot for this, or if I missed a similiar thread, feel free to delete or move)

My husband and I sent in our deposits a couple of days ago. I'm taking the Spiritual Writing course and my husband has signed up for playwriting. (Jeffrey O, my husband is the one who asked you many questions on Facebook).

We're quite excited and maybe a bit scared at the same time.

Anyone have any tips for Glen newbies?

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Bring a good durable water bottle, so you can keep water with you at all times. It can get really hot and dry, and there's a lot of walking around campus involved, especially if you end up in the apartments or some of the outer dorms.

Bring some snacks, as there are occasional times when the snack bars and cafeteria aren't open.

Bring good walking shoes. There's good hiking around campus, and there are great museums all over Santa Fe. (Don't miss the Folk Art Museum, or the Georgia O'Keeffe.)

I'm sure I'll think of more...

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My tips:

Don't try to do everything. If you try to go to every single reading, talk, event, etc., you may flatline by the fourth day. The campus is beautiful and it's a good place to have down time.

Even if you find a few people you really click with and are tempted to stick to them the whole time, try to spread yourself around and eat with different people now and then. I can't think of any other setting where I've met so many people who were all so different from me and each other yet totally compatible in the important ways.

Plan to spend a small fortune in the Eighth Day Books room.

If you are remotely tempted to participate in the open mic nights, sign up fast before you lose your nerve and your spot! It's a great experience.

Don't be shy about talking to the faculty at meal or social times.

This is the first time since 2002 I won't be there. It's going to be weird.

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