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Jack Kemp has died

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He will be missed. I remember, when Dole picked Kemp as a VP candidate, thinking that maybe Dole had something worth considering in him. He stood for integrity, and was a light for racial reconciliation. Godspeed, Jack Kemp.

In case you were wondering, my name is spelled "Denes House," but it's pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove."
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In my opinion, his approach to economics was a part of the witness. I'm sure that you would agree that we need more like him. His way was the only compassionate conservatism possible and true compassion within the political realm as well. He articulated why and how common "compassionate" economics was not real compassion and not really a solution to the problems it claims to address.

More importantly, he expressed his views and presented his views to anyone who would listen in a way that clearly indicated that, while one might be a political or philosophical adversery, one was potentially his friend and at least, his friendly adversery. I agreed with him on many things, disagreed on some. Had I disagreed with him on EVERYTHING, his influence on my life and thinking would still be no less for precisely this reason. May I suggest that it would be a sleight to say he will be missed. A guy like him leaves a gaping hole in his absense.

EDIT: Fred Barnes has the most nakedly evangelical eulogy linked at RealClearPolitics of all mass media eulogies, but here is just about the coolest eulogy http://www.buffalonews.com/story/sports/story/660131.html one could ever hope to have, particularly a politician. It quotes fellow players of the Bills. What kind of QB he was. What kind of man he was. You'll recognize him easily.

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"During the contest trial, the Coleman team presented evidence of a further 6500 absentees that it felt deserved to be included under the process that had produced the prior 933 [submitted by Franken, rk]. The three judges finally defined what constituted a 'legal' absentee ballot. Countable ballots, for instance, had to contain the signature of the voter, complete registration information, and proper witness credentials.

But the panel only applied the standards going forward, severely reducing the universe of additional basentees the Coleman team could hope to have included. In the end, the three judges allowed about 350 additional absentees to be counted. The panel also did nothing about the hundreds, possibly thousands, of absentees that have already been legally included, yet are now 'illegal' according to the panel's own ex-post definition."

The Wall Street Journal editorial, April 18, 2009 concerning the Franken Coleman decision in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race of 2008.

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