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Progressive Christianity

Darrel Manson

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James Allison ... I looked at a couple of his articles online which looked pretty good. I see that he draws on Girard, whom I'm familiar with at secondhand: i.e. through Balthasar and Gil Bailie. Is there something that gets at the core of Allison's approach?

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The stuff on monotheism as discovery, which I'm parroting here, is in this one.

His last two books - On being liked and Undergoing God are both excellent, I think.

I like Gil Bailie, and along with Richard Rohr, Alison, Mark S. Heim they're all wrestling with Girard in different ways. As for Balthasar, his critique of Girard in Theodrama vol IV is on the money, I think (he basically says that Girard has no positive sense of the sacred) but I also think you can re-work Girard's insights into a less secularising framework. I think you can. Either way, something about the basic scapegoating/mimetic desire thesis feels profoundly true to me.

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Obit for Marcus Borg


While I have many friends going on a great deal about Borg's death, I've held back. Certainly I like Borg's work, but I sense that I and many like me appreciated him was that he gave us the Jesus we wanted, which may or may not be the Jesus we need.  (It is, however, the Jesus that many more conservative Christians probably need to "meet again for the first time" whether that Jesus resonates with them or not.)

A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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