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Thought I would play another round.

1-Over the Rhine-Ohio (ohio)

2-U2-In God's Country (joshua tree)

3-Plumb-Jekyll and Hyde (chaotic resolve)

4-Athlete-Flying Over Bus Stops (beyond the neighbourhood)

5-The Waterboys-Ain't No Words... (universal hall)

6-Bruce Cockburn-The Rose Above the Sky (humans)

7-T-Bone Burnett-Blind Man (tooth of crime)

8-Vigilantes of Love-Points of My Departure (slow dark train)

9-The Call-When (let the day begin)

10-The Waterboys-The Thrill is Gone (A Pagan Place)

11-The Alarm-The Unexplained (In th poppy fields)

12-Maria McKee-I'm Awake (life is sweet)

13-Ricky Ross-Threatening Rain (this is the life)

14-Bruce Springsteen-Reno (devils and dust)

15- Twelfth Night-Love Song (fact and fiction)

If the world was my oyster I would never taste anything!!!

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I just got my first iPod this summer (I held out as long as I could) and had to resurrect this thread after filling it up. I have almost 600 songs by U2 on there, but U2 didn't pop up even once! Here's what I got:

1. Moorlough Shore/The Corrs (Home)

2. The Big Chair/Tears for Fears (Songs from the Big Chair Deluxe Edition)

3. Humors of Whiskey/Tim Lyons (Green Linnet Records 25th Anniversary Collection)

4. The Fat Girl/Lyle Lovett (I Love Everybody)

5. Confidential [Demo for Tina]/Pet Shop Boys (Very/Further Listening 1992-1994)

6. Dragonfly [Live]/a-ha (How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head? Live)

7. Summer Rain/Belinda Carlisle (A Place on Earth: Greatest Hits)

8. Prime Move/Rush (Hold Your Fire)

9. Ne me Quitte Pas/Belinda Carlisle (Viola)

10. Closest Thing to Heaven (Brothers in Rhythm Group Therapy Mix)/Tears for Fears (Closest Thing to Heaven-Single)

11. Hope (Live)/Rush (Snakes and Arrows Live)

12. Working Man (Live)/Rush (R30)

13. The Only Living Boy In New York/Simon and Garfunkel (The Best of Simon and Garfunkel)

14. American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set)/Bill Whelan (Riverdance Soundtrack)

15. Passion/Gipsy Kings (Cantos De Amor)

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Ok, after getting no U2 songs on my first try and being slightly embarrassed by having two Belinda Carlisle songs pop up, I tried again. This time a U2 "song" did come up... that famous and enduring hit of theirs, "Bono's introduction to Kite."

1. Psalmus Ode/Vangelis (Reprise 1990-1999)

2. The Pipe Tunes (Live)/Shooglenifty (Live at Selwyn Hall, Box)

3. Fallen Angel/Robbie Robertson (Robbie Robertson)

4. Intro to

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I got a newer, 8 GB iPod Nano about a month ago, and loaded it up. Let's see what I got this time.

1. Matthew Sweet, "Does She Talk?" (Girlfriend)

2. Blur, "Mr. Robinson's Quango" (The Great Escape)

3. Son Volt, "Mystifies Me" (Trace)

4. Matthew Sweet, "Behind the Smile" (Blue Sky on Mars)

5. Marshall Crenshaw, "Just Snap Your Fingers" (Jaggedland)

6. Freedy Johnston, "Broken Mirror" (Right Between the Promises)

7. Metavari, "Maedchen" (Be One of Us and Hear No Noise)

8. British Sea Power, "Lights Out for Darker Skies" (Do You Like Rock Music?) yes BSP...I do like rock music

9. Michael Penn, "The Transistor" (Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947)

10. Marshall Crenshaw, "Someday, Someway" (s/t)

11. Versus, "Yeah You" (Secret Swingers)

12. The Sea and Cake, "Darkest Night" (The Biz)

13. Superchunk, "Knock Knock Knock" (Leaves in the Gutter EP)

14. Teenage Fanclub, "Escher" (Thirteen)

15. Joe Henry, "Our Song" (Civilians)

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1. Zebra - Bears (Zebra Live)

2. Bayside - Dear Your Holiness (Live at the Bayside Social Club)

3. The Honorary Title - Never Said (Anything Else But the Truth)

4. The Violet Burning - We Close Our Eyes (Demonstrates Plastic and Elastic)

5. Bayside - Megan (Acoustic)

6. Blanket Music - Slide (The Love)

7. The Choir - The Chicken (Free Flying Soul)

8. Copeland - She Changes Your Mind (Live at Loveland, Portland, OR)

9. Waking Ashland - Let Go (Composure)

10. Mitch McVicker - Only Love Will (Mitch McVicker)

11. Mirah - The Garden (Advisory Committee)

12. Dave Perkins - Devil's Game (Pistol City Holiness)

13. Waking Ashland - Politics of Life (I Am For You)

14. Jack's Mannequin - Miss Delaney (Everything in Transit)

15. Cool Hand Luke - Cast Your Bread (The Sleeping House)

(edited to add album names)

Edited by Crow
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1. The Decemberists - "The Crane Wife 1 & 2" (The Crane Wife)

2. Reiner w/ Chicago Symphony Orchestra [1957] - "Finale" (Rachmaniniov's 3rd Piano Concerto)

3. Doris Day and the Hit Parades - "There's No Business Like Show Business" (Frank Sinatra and Friends)

4. Mark Lemhouse - "Scarlet" (Paste Sampler 19)

5. Caul - "O Thou Bright Crown of Pearl" (Light From Many Lamps)

6. Zap Mama - "Kemake" (A Ma Zone)

7. Linford Detweiler - "All Memory Of You Would Be Erased" (I Don't Think There's No Need To Bring Nothin')

8. Over the Rhine - "Intro" (The Atlanta Show)

9. Tom Waits - "Filipino Box Spring Hog" (Mule Variations)

10. St. Petersburg Chamber Choir - "Nyne otpushchayeshi [5th movement]" (Rachmaninov's Vespers)

11. Cowboy Junkies - "A Horse in the Country" (Studio - 1986-95)

12. David Wilcox - "Cold" (East Asheville Hardware)

13. Natalie Merchant - "Cowboy Romance" (Tigerlily)

14. Mark and Ange Guinn + yours truly - "Hallelujah" (private recording)

15. Over the Rhine - "Lucy" (Besides)

This is a weird collection...I see the temptation to cheat.

Edited by Jeff Kolb

So you ladies and you gentlemen, pull your bloomers on...

-Joe Henry

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A new day, some new play;

1)Sleeping at Last-A Skeleton of Something More (Ghosts)

2)Nick Cave and the Bad Seed-Today's Lesson (Dig Lazarus Dig)

3)Cold War Kids-On The Night My Love Broke Through (Loyalty to Loyalty)

4)Dissident Prophet-Be Set Free (We're Not Grasshoppers)

5)Bruce Springsteen-Matamoros Banks (Devils and Dust)

6)Jeremy Enigk-Late of Camera (OK Bear)

7)Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun (Permenant Records)

8)Galactic Cowboys-T.I.M. (Let It Go)

9)Peter Case-Million Dollars Bail (Let Us Now Praise Sleepy Jane)

10)Over the Rhine-Within Without (Eve)

11)Jeremy Enigk-Shade and the Black Hat (Return of the Frog Queen)

12)Clannad-I Will Find You (The Best of Clannad)

13)Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Are You The One I've Been (The Boatman's Call)

14)Bob Dylan-Covenant Woman (Saved)

15)Deacon Blue-Goodnight Jamsie (Fellow Hoodlum)

Wonderful listening!!!!

If the world was my oyster I would never taste anything!!!

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I'll give this another whril

1. Deas Vail - Rewind (All the Houses Look the Same)

2. Remedy Drive - Right Side (Rip Open the Skies)

3. Jon Foreman - Learning How to Die (Limbs and Branches)

4. The Choir - Terrible Mystery (O How the Mighty Have Fallen)

5. Sparks - Cool Places (In Outer Space)

6. Ramsie Shick - Kiss My Head (Live at The Door)

7. Mike Roe - I Want Never Gets (Safe as Milk - Live Cornerstone 1997)

8. Anberlin - Burn Out Brighter (New Surrender)

9. Wavorly - Madmen (Conquering the Fear of Flight)

10. Grandaddy - Hewlett's Daughter (The Software Slump)

11. Wideawake - So Simple (Bigger Than Ourselves)

12. Vision - You Are Our Only Lord (Vision)

13. Jay Bennett - Without the Benefit of Sight (Whatever Happened I Apologize)

14. The Choir - Sad Face (Chase the Kangaroo)

15. Mike Knott - Pop Goes the World (Comatose Soul)

Edited by Crow
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Not played this for ages. Thought I would revive the dead thread of shuffle.

1) T-Bone Burnett- Kill Zone (Tooth of Crime)

2) Twelfth Night- the Poet Sniffs a Flower (Fact and Fiction)

3) Zoo Seven- Fade In Fade Out (Lifesaver)

4) Ascend the Hill- Fall (Ascend the Hill)

5) The White Stripes- Take Take Take (Get Behind Me Satan)

6) The Ember Days- How Great Thou Art (Emergency)

7) Kings X- It's Love (Faith Hope Love)

8) Coldplay- UFO (Mylo Xyloto)

9) Led Zeppelin- Communication Breakdown (Best of)

10) Dave Bainbridge- Chanting Waves (The Veil of Gossamer)

11) Simple Minds- Factory (Real to Real Cacophony)

12) Bill Nelson- Birds of Tin (Quit Dreaming)

13) Spock's Beard- The Doorway (Beware of Darkness)

14) Mew- White Lips Kissed (And the Glass Handed Kite)

15) Sigur Ros- Avalon (Agaetis Byrjun)

If the world was my oyster I would never taste anything!!!

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Awesome. Thanks for bumping this up, chillinrev. I'd forgotten about this thread.

Shuff, shuff, shufflin'

1. The Roots - "Sleep" (Undun)

2. Sloan - "It's In Your Eyes" (Pretty Together)

3. The Weakerthans - "Slips and Tangles" (Left and Leaving)

4. The Antlers - "Corsicana" (Burst Apart)

5. Swervedriver - "Neon Lights Glow" (Juggernaut Rides: 89-98)

6. Sloan - "Your Daddy Will Do" (The Double Cross)

7. Sloan - "Witch's Wand" (Parallel Play)

8. They Might Be Giants - "Bastard Wants to Kill Me" (The Spine)

9. The Jayhawks - "Will I See You In Heaven" (Rainy Day Music)

10. U2 - "Mysterious Ways" (Achtung Baby)

11. Varnaline - "God In Your Eyes" (Varnaline)

12. Sun Kil Moon - "Glenn Tipton" (Ghosts of the Great Highway)

13. Mogwai - "Kappa" (Come On Die Young)

14. Sloan - "Someone I Can Be True With" (Never Hear the End of It)

15. TV On The Radio - "Forgotten" (Nine Types Of Light)

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Love this thread!

1. Land of My Sojourn/Rich Mullins (A Liturgy, A Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band)

2. Stay with Me/Clint Mansell (The Fountain OST)

3. Can't Find My Way Home/Electronic (Twisted Tenderness Deluxe Edition)

4. Candidate (Live)/Joy Division (Heart and Soul box set)

5. Oombe/Ayub Ogada (Realworld Notes #15)

6. Solsbury Hill (Live)/Peter Gabriel (Secret World Live)

7. I've Got You Under My Skin/Frank Sinatra & Bono (Stay CD single)

8. Everything (Live)/Delirious? (Access:D-Live)

9. The Caverns of Isengard/Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring OST)

10. Panaka: The Queens Protectors/John Williams (Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace OST)

11. Gone/U2 (Pop)

12. By-Tor and the Snow Dog/Rush (Retrospective I)

13. Double or Nothing/Duke Special (The Silent World of Hector Mann)

14. Intruder (Instrumental)/Peter Gabriel (New Blood Deluxe Edition)

15. Kid Gloves/Rush (Grace Under Pressure)

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I like games...

1. Rubblebucket Orchestra: " Ba Donso, We Did This" (Rubblebucket)

2. Bob Dylan: "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Live)" (Biograph)

3. Breakestra: "Recognize" (Hit the Floor)

4. Marrisa Nadler: "Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning" (Marrisa Nadler)

5. Mastodon: "Blasteroid" (The Hunter)

6. The Doors: "Love Her Madly" (L.A. Woman)

7. Thao & Mirah: "Spaced Out Orbit" (Thao & Mirah)

8. Chuck Prophet: "Homemade Blood" (Homemade Blood)

9. Pink Floyd: "Young Lust" (The Wall)

10. Tom Petty: "Free Fallin'" (Full Moon Fever)

11. Okkervil River: "Last Love Song for Now" (Black Sheep Boy Appendix)

12. Leonard Cohen: "Stories of the Street" (Songs of Leonard Cohen)

13. Childish Gambino: "You See Me" (Camp)

14. Nirvana: "Dumb (Live)" (Unplugged)

15. R.E.M.: "Exhuming McCarthy" (Document)

Wow. Unedited shuffle sure causes some whiplash in tone and mood (looking at you, Mastodon, wedged between Marrisa Nadler and The Doors).

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Now to play this again, after all this time - Fun!

1. The 77s - "A Different Kind of Light" (1-2-3: Ping Pong Over the Abyss)

2. REM - "Pop Song 89" (Green)

3. Tired Pony - "Held in the Arms Of Your Words" (The Place We Ran From)

4. Bomb Bay Babies - "We've Got What You Need" (Mike Knott's 'Things I've Done, Things to Come')

5. Michael Pritzl - "The Killing" (Mercy Songs)

6. Mike Knott - "Tonight" (Fluid)

7. The 77s - "It's So Sad" (1-2-3: Ping Pong Over the Abyss)

8. The Decemberists - "Don't Carry it All" (The King is Dead)

9. Nels Cline - "Rod Poole's Gradual Ascent to Heaven" (Coward)

10. Dream Theater - "The Root of All Evil" (Greatest Hit and 21 More)

11. Josh Garrels - "Revelator" (Love and War and the Sea in Between)

12. The Midwinters - "Sunday Morning" (Hinges - EP)

13. The Violet Burning - "I Don't Belong" (The Story of Our Lives)

14. Joe Henry - "Leaning" (Tiny Voices)

15. Oats - "I Suppose" (A Tear and a Snear)

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Shuffle for a Thirsty Thursday

1) Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- The beginning and the End (Archetecture and Morality)

2) Interpol- Lights (Interpol)

3) Everett- Lay Down Your Arms (Destination)

4) Duke Special- Salvation Tambourine (Songs From The Deep Forest)

5) The Prayer Chain- Humb (Mercury)

6) The Violet Burning- Underwater (The Violet Burning)

7) the Ember Days- Adore (Emergency)

8) Dug Pinnick- Freak The Funk Out (Emotional Animal)

9) Zoo Seven- Make Something Beautiful (Lifesaver)

10) Iain Archer- Arriero (Magnetic North)

11) The Violet Burning- Rise Like A Lion (Chosen)

12) the Beta Band- Wonderful (Heroes to Zeroes)

13) Sufjan Stevens- Seven Swans (Seven Swans)

14) Bruce Cockburn- Jerusalem Poker (Life Short Call Now)

15) delirious?- Fire Burns (The Mission Bell)

If the world was my oyster I would never taste anything!!!

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I'm the only repeat shuffler but who cares shuffle

1) Geoff Mann- Sob Stories (Peace Offering)

2) Athlete- Half Light (Tourist)

3) a-Ha- Rding The Crest (Foot of the Mountain)

4) Bruce Cockburn- Planet of the Clowns (The Trouble With Normal)

5) Led Zeppelin- No Quarter (Latter Days:Best of...)

6) the Hours- Icarus (Narcissus Road)

7) Sufjan Stevens- All For Myself (The Age of Adz)

8) Small Town Mentality- Thank You (Monocrome)

9) Athlete- Lay You Head (Single B side)

10) Brcue Cockburn- Down to the Delta (Breakfast in New Orleons...)

11) Pure Reason Revolution- the bright Ambassadors of Morning (Cautionary Tales for the Brave)

12) Big Country- One Great Thing (Fields of Fire)

13) Athlete- The Dubsiders (Beyond Dub Neighbourhood)

14) Note for a Child- Eternal Curve (Eternal Curve)

15) Calamateur- Bad Day (Autocity)

If the world was my oyster I would never taste anything!!!

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ok, just for fun!

Judee Sill - That's the Spirit

Daft Punk - Night Vision

Weezer - Surf Wax America

Chanticleer - El Noi de la Mare

Gnarls Barkley - Necromancing

Bjork - Dornin vid Tjornina

Benny Goodman - Who?

White Stripes - Rag and Bone

Elliott Smith - LA

John K Samson - Longitudinal Centre

The Cardigans - Losers

Badly Drawn Boy - Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind

Hem - Valentine's Day

The Reindeer Section - Strike Me Down

The Beatles - Within You Without You

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Listening to this made me realize I really, really need to put some new stuff on my iPod.

1. Dolorean - "Sweet Boy" (The Unfazed)

2. Cheap Trick - "If I Could" (Special One)

3. Los Lobos - "Everybody Loves a Train" (Colossal Head)

4. Sloan - "If I Could Change Your Mind" (Parallel Play)

5. Hum - "Ms. Lazarus" (Downward is Heavenward)

6. Mick Harvey - "Frankie T and Frankie C" (Sketches from the Book of the Dead)

7. Los Lobos - "Hearts of Stone" (Good Morning Aztlan)

8. Los Lobos - "Maricela" (Colossal Head)

9. Mew - "She Came Home For Christmas" (Frengers)

10. Eric Bachmann - "So Long, Savannah" (To The Races)

11. British Sea Power - "Who's In Control" (Valhalla Dance Hall)

12. Swervedriver - "Never Lose That Feeling / Never Learn" (Mezcal Head)

13. They Might Be Giants - "Spy" (John Henry)

14. They Might Be Giants - "Destination Moon" (John Henry)

15. The Life and Times - "Fall of the Angry Clowns" (Tragic Boogie)

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1) Over The Rhine- I Painted My Name (Patience)

2) The Call- Like You Never Been Loved (Red Moon)

3) Galactic Cowboys- You've Changed (The Horse that Bud Built)

4) The Violet Burning- Leaving (but I don't wanna leave) (The Story of Our Lives)

5) Interpol- Lights (Interpol)

6) The Boxer Rebellion- The New Heavy (The Boxer Rebellion E.P.)

7) Iain Archer- That One you Always Do (Flood the Tanks)

8) Matt Stevens- Lake Man (Ghosts)

9) Porcupine Tree- It Will Rain for a Million Years (On The Sunday of Life)

10) Moby- Wait for Me (Wait for Me)

11) Rock n Roll Worship Circus- I Will Wait (Big Star Logistics)

12) Smashing Pumpkins- Muzzle (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)

13) Muse- MK Ultra (The Resistance)

14) Damian Jurado- Air Show Disaster (I Break Chairs)

15) Bruce Cockburn- Rouler Sa Bosse (Salt, Sun and Time)

If the world was my oyster I would never taste anything!!!

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The little boy in me loves coming back to this every now and again. Must be all those old mix-tapes I used to make.

1) R.E.M.-All the Way To Reno (In Time: The Best of R.E.M.)

2) Bruce Springsteen- Jungleland (Born To Run)

3) Gazpacho- Snowman (When Earth Let's Go)

4) The Choir- Sunny (Flap Your Wings)

5) Midnight Oil- Gravelrash (Breathe)

6) Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus- The Blood of Jesus (Big Star Logistics)

7) Iain Archer- Pressure Drop (Flood the Tanks)

8) The Alarm- Unsafe Building 1990 Version (Raw)

9) The Hold Steady- Most People Are D.J's (Almost Killed Me)

10) Plumb- Cut (Chaotic Resolve)

11) U2- Wire (Celtic Dub Mix) (Unforgettable Fire)

12) Doves- 10:03 (Kingdom of Rust)

13) The Violet Burning- Made for You (The Story of our Lives)

14) Foreign Slippers- Is That You (Farewell to the Old Ghosts)

15) River City People- Driver (This is The World)

If the world was my oyster I would never taste anything!!!

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having to use my spotify playlist "whatsonmyitunes" since itunes in on the fritz right now.

so not a complete list of everything that's on there, but 90% of it.

I'll try to do this again when I get my Itunes fixed.

1. Better Than Ezra - Good (from Deluxe)

2. Brand New - Degausser (from The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me)

3. Tiny Vipers - Dreamer (from Life on Earth)

4. Damien Rice - Cannonball (from O)

5. Weezer - Dreamin' (from The Red Album)

6. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Servo (from Your Side of Our Story)

7. Matt & Kim - I Wanna (from Grand)

8. Seryn - So Within (from This Is Where We Are)

9. Band of Horses - Is There A Ghost (from Cease To Begin)

10. Maps - Everything Is Shattering (from Turning The Mind)

11. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - 103 (from Higher Than The Stars)

12. The Mama's And The Papa's - California Dreamin' (from California Dreamin')

13. Brothers Martin - Get The Money (from Brothers Martin)

14. Death Cab for Cutie - Passenger Seat (from Transatlanticism)

15. Pavement - Chesley's Little Wrists (from Slanted and Enchanted)

Edited by Taliesin

"The truth is you're the weak, and I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin Ringo, I'm tryin real hard to be the shepherd." Pulp Fiction

Justin's Blog twitter Facebook Life Is Story

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I agree with chillinrev — I always turn into a kid when I see this thread pop up.

1. The National - "The Geese of Beverly Road" (Alligator)

2. Versus - "Into Blue" (On the Ones and Threes)

3. Ben Folds Five - "Video" (s/t)

4. Sun Kil Moon - "Gentle Moon" (Ghosts of the Great Highway)

5. Thin Lizzy - "Fight or Fall" (Jailbreak)

6. Versus - "Angels Rush In' (Secret Swingers)

7. The Sea and Cake - "Rossignol" (The Fawn)

8. Versus - "Eskimo" (Hurrah)

9. Spain - "Sevenfold" (The Soul of Spain)

10. Sam Phillips - "Black Sky" (Martinis & Bikinis)

11. Archers of Loaf - "Audiowhore" (Vs. The Greatest of All Time)

12. Pearl Jam - "Evacuation" (Binaural)

13. Marshall Crenshaw - "Take Me With U" (What's In the Bag?)

14. Los Lobos - "Rio de Tenampa" (Kiko)

15. The New Year - "The Door Opens" (s/t)

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Can't resist...

Blur - Stereotypes (live) - Best of Blur

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Lady Fair - the Blue Trees

Stars - the First Five Times - Set Yourself on Fire

White Stripes - You've GOt Her in Your Pocket - Elephant

Smokey & Miho - Nzag - Smokey & Miho

Stars - Wasted Daylight - 5 Ghosts

Andrew Rose Gregory - Where We Lie Down, Our Bed is Green - Song of Songs

Oasis - Roll With It - Morning Glory

Stars - Going, Going, Gone - Nightsongs

Smashing Pumpkins - Snail - Gish

Swell Season - the Moon - Swell Season

John K Samson - Longitudinal Centre - Provincial

Stars - Tonight - Nightsongs

mewithoutYou - Cardiff Giant - 10 Stories

Smoking Popes - My Lucky Day - Born to Quit

And yes, this is an accurate snapshot of how much I listen to Stars.

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1. Mates of State - Everyone Needs an Editor (My Solo Project)

2. Grizzly Bear - A Good Place (Horn of Plenty)

3. Blitzen Trapper - Not Your Lover (Furr)

4. Spooky Campers - Garden Captive (Tape #2) free on bandcamp

5. The Gerbils - A Song of Love (The Battle of Electricity)

6. Aaron Sprinkle - Signing My Name (The Kindest Days)

7. Beach House - You Came To Me (Devotion)

8. The Lovin' Spoonful - You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (Best of the Lovin Spoonful)

9. Arcade Fire - My Body Is A Cage (Neon Bible)

10. Plants and Animals - Jeans Jeans Jeans (La La Land)

11. Iron Butterfly - Are You Happy (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida)

12. Daft Punk - Rinzler (Tron Legacy Soundtrack)

13. Dntel - New Name (Early Works For Me If It Works For You II)

14. Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes)

15. Svartbag - Construct/Morse (Silent Ballet Volume 15) all Silent Ballet compilations are free, just google em. ambient/electronic/post rock/instrumental music

"The truth is you're the weak, and I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin Ringo, I'm tryin real hard to be the shepherd." Pulp Fiction

Justin's Blog twitter Facebook Life Is Story

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This is always fun:

Foxtail Somersault – Motion (Fathom)

Stephanie Briggs – Mix Tape (Birds Barely Knew Us)

The Kinks – 20th Century Man (Kinks’ Greatest)

The Bad Plus – You Are (Never Stop)

Portland Cello Project – Tallymarks (The Thao and Justin Power Sessions)

Marco Benevento – Friends (Me Not Me)

Punch Brothers – New York City (Live at the Fillmore)

The Claudia Quintet – Drew With Drew (Royal Toast)

Foreigner – That Was Yesterday (Agent Provocateur)

Glen Campbell – Rhinestone Cowboy (Meet Glen Campbell)

Guided By Voices – Hardcore UFOs (Bee Thousand)

Jacobstone – 71 Cents (Glass Top Ships)

Samantha Crain – Lions (Paste Magazine Sampler)

Vijay Iyer Trio – Mmmhmm (Accelerando)

Matt Nathanson – I Hope That Something Better Comes Along (Muppets: The Green Album)

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1. Wavves - King of the Beach (King of the Beach)

2. Jefferson Airplane - JPP Mc. Step B Blues (Surrealistic Pillow)

3. The Black Keys - These Days (Brothers)

4. Red House Painters - Michigan (Old Ramon)

5. Bush - Synapse (Razorblade Suitcase)

6. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Wasted (Methodrone)

7. Black Lips - Don't Mess Up My Baby (Arabia Mountain)

8. Josh Ritter - Empty Hearts (The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter)

9. Red House Painters - Over My Head (Ocean Beach)

10.Volcano Choir - Cool Knowledge (Unmap)

11. The Verve Pipe - Penny Is Poison (Villains)

12. The Waiting - Number 9 Aka Long Time (The Waiting)

13. Collective Soul - Listen (Disciplined Breakdown)

14. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anemone (Their Satanic Majesties Second Request) can you tell I really like these guys? lol

15. Best Coast - The Only Place (The Only Place)

"The truth is you're the weak, and I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin Ringo, I'm tryin real hard to be the shepherd." Pulp Fiction

Justin's Blog twitter Facebook Life Is Story

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