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What Is Your Book Club Reading?

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We used to have an A&F Book Club, and maybe one day, we will again. But in the meantime, as I've posted over the "Fiction for Men" thread, I've been participating recently in a local book club that has just released its upcoming selections. I thought I'd post them here and see if anyone else wants to chime in. This might become a clearinghouse for possible future titles for other clubs. Thoughts on the listed titles are welcome as well.

July's Book

The Pillars of the Earth

by Ken Follett

August 13th

The Signal

by Ron Carlson

September 10th

Silent Gondoliers

by William Goldman

October 8th

Little Dorrit

by Charles Dickens

November 12th

The Professor and the Madman

by Simon Winchester

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I enjoyed this article about a local New Yorker "Book Club" -- a club for people who don't have time for books, and who need a reason to read those stacked-up issues of the New Yorker on their bedside tables.

For me, the article is an infuriating, hilarious piece, confirming every stereotype about yuppie New Yorker subscribers (I'm one) while making me think, simultaneously, "a New Yorker Book Club isn't a bad idea!"

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