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3 books about Evangelicals

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This article reviews 3 new books about evangelicals' role in society & politics:

Shaking the World for Jesus, by Heather Hendershot

The Word in the World: Evangelical Writing, Publishing, and Reading, 1789-1880, by Candy Gunther Brown

The Lion and the Lamb: Evangelicals and Catholics in America, by William M. Shea

In the last part of the article, Brown & Hendershot try to explain the success of Gibson's Passion of the Christ with protestant evangelicals.


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I've finally got around to reading From Billy Graham to Sarah Palin: Evangelicals and the Betrayal of American Conservatism by G.D. Hart.

As a history of evangelicalism and politics, it's turning into a fascinating read. The most interesting thing is Hart seems to be saying that any alliance between conservatism as a political philosophy and evangelicalism has always been a tenuous unnatural one at best, and that we are currently in a middle of a break between the two. I find it ironic because I've always thought that classical Burkean conservatism is a natural result of holding to some of the basics of Christianity, but Hart doesn't seem to think this is necessarily true. He makes very strong distinctions between the theology of the "religious right" and the philosophy of classical conservatism. But, then again, I'm only halfway through the book so far.

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