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The Three Stooges (2012)

J.A.A. Purves

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I don't know if anyone else has been following this. I couldn't find anything on it here using the A&F search or google.

First, we were told that the Farrelly Brothers were making a Three Stooges movie set in modern day times. The cast was set as Sean Penn as Larry, Jim Carrey as Moe, and Benicio Del Toro as Curly.

Then, Sean Penn walked out on them.

But now, Paul Giamatti is going to be Larry instead, except that now it looks like Jim Carrey is out, which is a huge blow to the film if that's true. If there's a guy who was made for a Three Stooges movie, it was Jim Carrey.


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I seem recall reading somewhere that men like the Three Stooges. Women--not so much. And indeed, I could not care less whether this movie ever sees the light of a theater screen.

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90 to 100 minutes of eye poking and slaps on the head and --

"See the little dear, does the dear have any doe?"

"Why coitanly Moe -- three bucks! Nya Nya Nya."

"Why I oughtta"

Boop! Pinch! Owww! Ryaaaa, ryaaa, ryaaa...

I can barely take two minutes of it when I catch it on PBS reruns. Ugh.

(And I'm a guy)

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Fox Sets March 14 Start For 'The Three Stooges'

EXCLUSIVE: The approval of the MGM pre-packaged bankruptcy has opened the door for the long-gestating comedy The Three Stooges to get made at 20th Century Fox. The studio has taken the project over from MGM and has scheduled a March 14 start date for the comedy. Bobby and Peter Farrelly will direct a script they wrote with Mike Cerrone. . . .

The project has no cast at this point. Jim Carrey and Sean Penn are out, and it is unclear whether Benicio Del Toro will play Moe. The deal brings the project back to Fox, where the Farrellys are based. The Three Stooges has been a passion project for Conundrum for over a decade, first at Columbia Pictures, then Warner Bros, and finally MGM. Things looked strong with Carrey, Penn and Del Toro until Penn took a sabbatical for personal reasons. He floated in and out, and then everything halted when MGM hit the financial rocks last year. . . .

The picture takes place when the trio are dumped out as newborns at the door of an orphanage, and they are talking with Richard Jenkins to play the head nun who is terrorized by the precocious Stooges. The comedy follows them to adulthood and is very much in the spirit of the original shorts, in which the blue collar bumblers got the best of the wealthy society matrons that tried to exploit them. Oh, yeah, there will be the non-stop physical comedy that is the trademark of the Stooges franchise. . . .

Mike Fleming, Deadline.com, December 2

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It'll be interesting to see what comes of this long-delayed project. I'm a big Three Stooges fan myself. But the idea of making a movie about the Stooges? I never could see it. Were their private lives really that interesting? Their best work is iconic (much to the horror of many), but that's as far as it goes. Even as a fan, I have only very limited interest in the off-camera stuff. Maybe I'm not a typical fan, but if you can't attract me, the film's prospects would seem pretty thin. Certainly the non-fans (basically, all women and a decent percentage of men) will already be staying away in droves. I just posted a long post about Curly Howard on my blog today, here, which may provide even non-fans a chuckle or two (fans will definitely want to check it out, if I do say so myself).

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Dear sweet merciful heavens, make it stop.

That said, those impersonations are pretty dead-on. Particularly Sasso.They would be hilarious in a video for Funny or Die. But the idea that this is a feature-length movie? Why I oughta--

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I'm curious as to how this type of humour will translate with modern filmgoers.

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Six clips.

I'm afraid I laughed at the farm-raised salmon gag....

To be fair,this does look exactly like a feature-length Stooges movie, with all the good and bad that involves. ["Good" being essentially the dumb pleasure of watching good-hearted idiots hit each other. "Bad" being the monotony of watching good-hearted idiots hit each other.]

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I was always more of a Laurel & Hardy fan. The Three Stooges always annoyed me.

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