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Michael Dirda, Foolishness, and Shakespeare

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Michael Dirda has launched Dirda's Reading Room, a discussion group at the newly redesigned washingtonpost.com. He writes in his inaugural post:

I hope you’ll stop by regularly, as I’ll be starting new discussion threads often. To kick each one off, I might mention a novel or biography I’m reading or a recent discovery in a used bookshop. I might comment on some bit of publishing news or wax nostalgic about small-town libraries and the never-ending search for a good reading chair. I will certainly react to and comment on some of your postings. Together we might discuss the urge to collect, the care of books, reading online, movies made from classic novels, literary prizes, what it means to be well-read, whether Philip Pullman is better than J.K. Rowling and if Joan Aiken is superior to both, and on and on. As Ecclesiastes almost says, “Of the talking about many books, there is no end.”

Active discussion threads can be found here.

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