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Continuum Books' 33 1/3 Series


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Good luck Joels (or should that be Joel squared)! I've heard these are notoriously competitive. (I had a colleague who submitted a proposal several years ago that I figured would be a slam dunk -- she and her partner even went to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and transcribed several hours of unpublished interviews from their subject....but...alas...) I say that not to be discouraging but just to contextualize whatever difficulties you might have encountered in the past.)

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I have no illusions that it'll be easy -- they get 400+ proposals each call -- but I've grown much more confident since I first started submitting pitches in 2007! I actually have a new take on my perennial pitch that I'm pretty excited about.

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I ended up submitting one on Weezer's lost/unreleased second album Songs from the Black Hole since  they asked for no re-submitted pitches. I'm happy with what I wrote, regardless of the long odds...

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New list is out. I think it's time to retire the ol' Weezer pitch.


Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly by Sequoia L. Maner

George Michael’s Faith by Matthew Horton

Earth, Wind & Fire’s That’s the Way of the World by Dwight E. Brooks

Maria Callas’s Lyric and Coloratura Arias by Ginger Dellenbaugh

Marvin Gaye’s I Want You by Derrais Carter

Babes in Toyland’s Fontanelle by Selena Chambers

Living Colour’s Time’s Up by Kimberly Mack

Britney Spears’s Blackout by Natasha Lasky

ESG’s Come Away with ESG by Cheri Percy

The National’s Boxer by Ryan Pinkard

Minnie Riperton’s Come to My Garden by Brittnay L. Proctor

Cat Power’s Moon Pix by Donna Kozloskie

Labelle’s Nightbirds by Craig Seymour

Kraftwerk’s Computer World by Steve Tupai Francis

John Prine’s John Prine by Erin Osmon



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