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Short, preliminary trailer for The Passion

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MattPage wrote:

: well Jacqueline Bisset was in Sex & Mrs X which screened before Jesus

: CBS in the states, although it was made afterwards (although I've not

: seen it I remember someone saying it was a bit weird her being in both)

Oh, right, and she was in a couple of sex comedies back in the '70s and/or '80s, too.

But now it occurs to me that Bellucci might not be playing the Virgin Mary after all -- she might be playing that OTHER Mary, Magdalene. The IMDB lists Bellucci as the Virgin and another actress named Maia Morgenstern as Magdalene, but the first paragraph in Time magazine's article says Morgenstern is the one playing the Virgin.

: Oh, and while I thikn on it I have a friend who found it hard to take CBS

: seriously cos it had GW Bailey in, and they just kept thinking of Police

: academy.

Heh. I think the CBS mini-series may also be the only Jesus movie in which someone farts, too.

: reminds me of a couple of Homer quotes:

And don't forget the Stonecutters' song! ("Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenburg a star? We do!")

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SDG wrote:

My understanding is that Satan is anthropomorphized as a woman in part to provide a parallel / point of contrast in relation to another significant observer of the crucifixion, Jesus' mother.

Yeah, that's what I figured from the juxtaposition of the faces of Mary and Satan in the trailer. It's just that making Satan a woman is somewhat unorthodox.

And, wow, is that Barbara Nicolosi review encouraging. I can't wait.

Peter T Chattaway wrote:

Is there any precedent for casting someone like her in this role? The closest I can think of is when Zeffirelli cast Olivia Hussey in Jesus of Nazareth, nearly a decade after he exposed her teenaged breasts in Romeo and Juliet.

Hm, she did have one of the most deceptively pure faces in cinema, so my knowing of her Juliet role didn't really have an impact on my experience of Jesus of Nazareth.

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say EM-PAH!"

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