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Board Games for Kids

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This Christmas our 3 1/2 year old got alot of Board Games. Thankfully she really likes them. Here's the roundup

Chutes and Ladders

It's a classic and doesn't need an introduction.

For the Kids: The counting is still a bit complex at this point. It can also be difficult to identify the path and where the chutes and ladders start. She likes it, but its not her favorite yet.

For the Parents: So, so. The games are rather long and there's not alot to hold my attention. It's great for counting practice though.

Hi Ho Cheerio!

On the board there are four fruit trees containing "fruit". (Think Chineese Checkers). On a player's turn, he or she spins, and based off the result of the spin either takes fruit off the tree and into the basket or out of the basket on to the tree. The first person to empty the tree.

For the Kids: the fruit pieces are small and are good for fine motor skills. The counting is low numbers and goes both ways. She seems to really like this one.

For the Parents: The pace of the game is fast, but the lack of variation is frustrating. One long for a long chute to slide down.


It's like dominos except they're all curved and instead of numbers there are images.

For the Kids: She loves it. It's a nice matching game, but you have to pay attention visually as well so the pieces don't curve into one another.

For the Parents: Probably my favorite of the bunch. The game is fast-paced. It's interesting for adults. You can also see each other's pieces, so it's fairly easy to make it so the game ends in the child's favor quickly.

I Can Do That

It has a Cat in the Hat theme. The box comes with an assortmant of objects (balls, sticks, etc.) and cards with various actions. The cards are place upwards and each person takes three cards that descirbe the action that needs to be performed (holding the ball on the belly, hop on one foot, around the trick-a-stick). The opponent guesses either "You can't do that" or "You can do that", if the contestant answers "I can do that" they perform the stunt.

For the Kids: Our daughter seems to love it and she laughs alot.

For the Parents: I haven't played it yet, but my wife seems to enjoy it. She mentioned that kids often get told they can't do something and this game is a good opportunity to try new things.

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Not technically a board game, but I highly recommend Animal Upon Animal, which my four-year-old loves.

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