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Jim Janknegt

Joyful Mystery #4: The Presentation

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I finished this painting I have been working on-Joyful Mystery #4: The Presentation. It is the 5th one in the Rosary series I am doing. This completes the Joyful mysteries. I think I will start work on the Sorrowful Mysteries next.

This paintings show Joseph, Mary and Jesus fulfilling the requirements of the Jewish law for a women who has given birth to a first born son. Part purification ritual and also the buying back of the son. The law required a sacrifice, two doves if you couldn't afford the more expensive lamb. Joseph is holding the doves while Mary is handing Jesus to Simeon, an old man who has been waiting to see the Messiah. Upon seeing Jesus he says, what the church calls the Nunc Dimittis. Part of the Nunc Dimittis prophecies that a sword shall pierce Mary's heart. I show the sacred heart of Mary in stain glass behind the scene. We also see Anna, a widow who has served in the temple for many years. The feast of the presentation is celebrated on February 2nd and is also known as Candlemas. It is the day that all of the candles to be used in the coming year are blessed. So I have Anna carrying a candle.

Oddly, Candlemas was transformed into Groundhog day in the United States.

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