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Just saw The Abominable Bride. What a mess of an episode. Don't get me wrong--it's a fun mess, with lots of stuff to enjoy. It just doesn't cohere quite as well as it might have.

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And series 4. Which...eh, I know lots of people hated it but I was more or less just uninspired by it. The second episode is solid, and Cumberbatch and Freeman confirm that they've ascended from good to great in terms of Holmes-Watson portrayals, but the rest of the series was far below the standard set by the second and third seasons (which are, for my money, the greatest the show has gotten). The last episode, in particular, was a mess--reaching for emotional impact that isn't really earned and playing a heightened version of the Moriarty game without the clean plotting. The coda, though--that was some good stuff and served, I think, as an effective end of the series, if they choose not to continue it. 

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