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Anna J

Searching the forums

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This was too good to be deleted along with the duplicate thread it appeared in.

Heh. I just searched Google, specifying the website and the full title that I was searching for. So my search looked like this:

"you can count on me" site:artsandfaith.com

That turned up both this thread and the earlier thread, as well as several other threads that had also mentioned the film.

A&F's own search engine occasionally misses things, sometimes because it can't search for words of less than four letters (or something like that). So a movie title that has four words of three letters or less might slip through the A&F search engine.

On the other hand, you can always try using the advanced search feature. Just search for the word "count" (it's long enough) and click on "Search titles only", and if the thread devoted to this film has the title in its subject line like it should, then the thread should show up. In this case, searching for "count" in a thread title turns up both of the You Can Count on Me threads, in addition to:

I tell ya, discovering nuggets like that last thread is why searching the site can be a lot of fun sometimes.

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