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Forum hiccups?


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I just received 3 emails, dated 10/24/07, thanking me for registering and how I can complete the last step. :)

Either the forums are having hiccups or I've been sucked into a time portal, transporting me backward in time. Which means instead of graduating next month, I haven't even started back to school yet. :shock:

Anyone else getting weird email or is it just me? :blink:

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If there's a link in the email, I wouldn't click on it. I've gotten emails before (not from A&F, though) that are set up to look like they came from people I know, but are actually some kind of piggyback spam/virus thing. Sounds like this might be similar to what you got.

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I was wondering if this would happen. Good thing you just got three. I got something like two hundred!!

They're from the old forum that was hosted at ImageJournal.org before we took over artsandfaith.com. It's puzzling to us because we closed that board a year ago and just left it viewable for archive purposes.

We don't know why this happened, but we're looking into it. As far as I know they're not spam, but you DON'T have to click on any links or do anything, since your A&F registration is not linked to the old forum.

If anyone else gets emails, will you let me know?


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