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The 100 Best Films of World Cinema

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The List. Not sure what criteria they used, other than non-English and not documentaries, or who voted, for that matter.

The top ten:

10. Spirited Away

9. The Wages of Fear

8. The Seventh Seal

7. City of God

6. Battle of Algiers

5. Pan's Labyrinth

4. Bicycle Thieves

3. Battleship Potemkin

2. Amelie

1. Seven Samurai

I've seen all of the top 10 films (I didn't have the patience to scroll through the whole thing) except Potemkin. Cool to see Spirited Away, The Wages of Fear, and Battle of Algiers on there, though I'm not sure any of those would make my top 10 ever list. The Amelie blurb includes a weird Kieslowski reference. Seven Samurai might be my least favorite Kurosawa I've seen.

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You don't often see a "world cinema" top ten without Tokyo Story. Pan's Labyrinth in the top ten of all-time? Yeesh. Well... it's Empire. Maybe this list will help a few moviegoers "take their first step into a larger world."

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Any list that puts Amelie in the #2 spot is automatically suspect.

But it's nice, for once, to come across a top ten list and realize I've seen 'em all.

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If it weren't for lists of favorites and recommended films, I probably wouldn't have discovered many of my own favorites. It's always good to present lists with some degree of humility - that these are films recommended by particular people, and that all of our relationships with art are affected by different factors and subject to continual chage - but I love lists from credible sources and am grateful for where they've led me. Music lists from folks here at this board (God bless Andy and Thom!) have led me to so many rewarding discoveries, and the same would be true when it comes to film (God bless Darren and Doug and Leary and others!)



Takin' 'er easy for all you sinners at lookingcloser.org. Also abiding at Facebook and Twitter.


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I like most of the movies on this list. Some I really like, though I agree that it ain't no cinephile compilation. But we've gotta remember that at this point EMPIRE is like the British equivalent of Ain't It Cool. So this list is not as dire as it could have been. Though the reality is that this list is not exposing anyone to any classics they probably haven't already seen. Perhaps they don't see lists as having that educational function that I see a lot of people here advocating, and instead favour the "high five for our cool taste" function.

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