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Online Writing Classes

Greg Wolfe

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Many of you may know that IMAGE launched The Glen Online, a series of online writing classes and manuscript critique tutorials, a few months ago.

If you have any interest in developing your writing, do check out our course offerings and amazingly gifted faculty here:


We're now ready to begin expanding our course offerings.

And you can help us!

If you don't find something on our current slate of offerings, what sorts of classes would you be interested in seeing offered?

Also, are there any other art forms beyond writing that you think can work successfully in an online format?

For example, could musicians exchange MP3s, get feedback, send revised songs, etc.? You get the idea.

Thanks for your feedback!

The Management

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It kind of depends on what you mean by "online format." I teach at a university very, very far away through virtual classroom software that allows me to directly address and interact with students via webcam links for designated class periods every week. Built into this "classroom" is space for images, handouts, etc... If you have this kind of format in mind, the sky is the limit as far as what you can offer in terms of courses.

Imagine having most of the screen taken up by a film clip, with the teacher offering real time commentary while being able to stop and start the clip at will. Or picture being able to talk about a particular painting together while everyone is looking directly at it. Even more technical things are possible. An example: I would be able to teach a very interactive bookbinding or artist's books course through this technology, even demonstrating and directing pretty detailed processes. I can imagine that people with other specialties could do the same.

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