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Greg Wolfe

Adding a Top 10 List?

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4) Precisely because 100 is such a small number, and because we're always frustrated about what gets left out...

An interesting and revealing comment.

In my experience, my frustration is typically with what gets left in, rather than what is left out; and 100 is too large, not too small.

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I've read through the thread, and am not sure I have much to add. Seems like concerns were raised, but then, if not dismissed, those concerns faded, or were supplanted by subsequent discussion.

Let's do horror. And let's not play it "safe." Let's mix it up!

It's interesting that this genre challenges my ideas of what our main list, the A&F Top 100, should consist of -- the types of films that should characterize it. I've argued against the "general excellence" rationale for those films, and advocated for films that engender a more "spiritual" response in viewers. But I don't know many horror films that create that kind of response, as I would define it. That means my criteria for this particular list would have to differ in some ways. Maybe "general excellence" will be my criterion.

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