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Facebook Memes

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Full disclosure: I have an ulterior motive for starting this topic. I have created a meme and I'd love for you to be an early adopter ::blush:: I'll tell you more about it below but I also felt the topic was justified to solicit general opinions on the phenomenon.

Some examples of what I'm talking about:

-the one where you tell 20 or so random/interesting things about yourself

-the one where you turn to page 53 (or whatever) of the book that is nearest you and type as your status the fifth sentence on that page.

Those two are two of my favorites. There are many more asinine ones, like those multiple choices surveys: Pepsi or Coke?...

Do you hate the phenomenon? love it? Do you participate? Do you like being "tagged" but refrain from "tagging" others? What's proper etiquette?

Now for MY meme :) :

How it works:

1. Make sure your browser's URL autocomplete is turned on.

2. Type the letter A in your address bar and choose an address (or two) from the drop down menu

3. Repeat step 2 for letters B through Z and list them in a Note, tagging anyone who won't be annoyed. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Jump on board before this goodness goes behemoth...or fizzles out on my facebook front porch.

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PS - also, consider this an invitation to "friend" me on facebook. Search for Brain Rush. Brain, not Brian. The few A+F folks I've connected with so far are some of my favorite facebookers, always posting interesting things.

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