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Burlap to Cashmere

Stephen Lamb

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If you haven't been keeping track, this message was posted on the Burlap to Cashmere website back in October:

1. We are back together

2. We have signed a recording contract with Sony Music Entertainment.

3. We are fortunate enough to be working with legendary producer Mitchell Froom (Tom Waits, Los Lobos, Paul McCartney, Shery Crow, Elvis Costello, etc.) on our new record this fall.

4. After we complete our record, look for an extensive touring schedule to ensue.

The new website featured a video about the making of the record, along with excerpts of several songs. The music video for the first full song from the new project, Love Reclaims the Atmosphere, was just posted on Friday.

Here's the YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BurlapToCashmere

The new song bears a strong resemblance to Simon and Garfunkel - in a good way - and seems to do a good job of blending Steven's later work into the Burlap sound. Steven reminded me last week, in the middle of a phone conversation we were having about a project we're hoping to do together, that he grew up 10 minutes from where Bruce Springsteen lived, and I can hear echos of The Boss in the new songs as well.

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Album's out today, and their website has five songs from the album streaming as a preview: B2C Music Player.

On a quick listen, they don't seem to have dropped a beat from the late 90's. Good mix of upbeat, Mediterranean influenced songs with folk-tinged ballads. Will need to take time to see of the lyrics have matured, though. As much as I loved "Anybody Out There" as a teen, I listened to it recently and cringed at some of the obvious CCM-type lyrics.

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Over the past few months I have been listening to a lot of Pierce Pettis and Steven Delopoulous. Both are highly under-appreciated but fantastic songwriters. Anybody Out There? didn't impress me so much, but I really like BTC's sophomore effort. I also procured Steven's solo albums and have been enjoying both of them, especially Me Died Blue. I hope BTC won't make us wait so long for another album. According to his Facebook, Steven is writing songs...also looks like BTC is involved in a film project called The Other Country:

Edited by winter shaker

He finds no mercy

And he's lost in the crowd

With an armoured heart of metal

He finds he's running out of odd-numbered daisies

From which to pull the petals

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