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Film Festivals?

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I would be curious if any of you had experience not just in attending festivals, but in screening at them.

Some questions:

-Woud you say they were filmmaker friendly?

-What types of films were screened?

-Were there awards given

-Were you comped travel?

Certainly I have an agenda here as I'd like to find some good festivals to submit my feature doc to. It's clear that there are a lot hucksters out there so word of mouth seems best.

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Here in Wichita we have a very good up and coming festival called Tallgrass. I am submitting at least one short to it this year, albeit a longer short. As to filmmaker friendly, that is hard to say, they had over 600 submissions last year, only accepted around 75, including shorts, I know people get upset when their work isn't accepted. That said, very high standard, very good hospitality room and one of the reasons it has grown so much is the way the filmmakers are treated.

It is what I would consider a typical film festival, they will screen virtually all types of film, those with social commentary tend to get higher acceptance, few Christian oriented films accepted, and few horror.

Audience Choice, best in particular categories including, short, documentary, feature etc...

Depends on the film and maker of the film here as to travel comp. For most basic film outside of feature and high profile names, no. In other situations, yes.

I will say that in the documentary category, Tallgrass has a very high standard. Their site can be seen with a simple google, I think tallgrass.com Last year, documentaries included The Tillman story, Wayman Tisdale Story, Do the Right Thing, many others.

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