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Seattle Pacific University's Lectio...

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Today, CNN posted news about Biola's new Good Book Blog:

"At a time when biblical literacy is at an all time low and there are so many muddled, uninformed views of the Bible, something like The Good Book Blog is such a breath of fresh air," said author of Hipster Christianity and blogger Brett McCracken. "For a seminary to take its vast academic resources and put it online for the world's benefit is not only to be lauded, but it's to be modeled. More schools should be doing things like this."

That struck me as interesting, since Seattle Pacific University launched a similar, free, open-to-the-public, theologian-guided Bible study several months ago.

I've been very impressed with the Lectio so far. I've learned a lot. I'd recommend it to any of you.

It starts here.

This followed an issue of Response magazine devoted to the subject of Biblical illiteracy. My feature on the subject is here.

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