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The Book of Mormon

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I purchased the album (cheap--one day deal) and finally listened to it (and read the liner notes, which runs 38 pages and has many pictures) this past weekend. Without seeing the show (which currently costs hundreds of dollars for a single ticket), I have a pretty good grasp as to what the story-arc is--even if there are lines of dialogue and the visual experience is missing.

This is a tricky subject matter. On the one hand, there were a few times where I simply wanted to fast-forward the song. I am well aware that Stone and Parker are the types who love to dance gleefully over lines of proprietry, and I have tough skin. Multiple 'f' bombs I can take. Those of which directed to God (even in a comedic "before" w a redeeming "after"), not so much at all.

Even so, I thought the storyline was smart, and the ending was genius. It worked on multiple levels. It simultaneously touched upon themes of the necessity of employing intellect within faith, and upon the power of the mythos in popular culture, and an insight as to how relatively recent religions are created and followed.

Not to get political, but people who say they won't vote for Romney because of his being Mormon are often put in the same category as anti-Semites and such. That is, until people actually engage the very tenets within Mormonism (which, to my knowledge, the show gets exactly right). It is a sign of the times that a couple of potty-mouthed gleefully offensive comic geniuses are able to do what Walter Martin's "The Kingdom of the Cults" couldn't... make a solid case against the rise of relatively-recent religious fringe groups by getting its history and doctrine accurate (and letting the laughs naturally come).


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