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Scholar's Parrot

An interesting rant @ Kotaku

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This is a really interesting article.

Despite the number of secular people who just wish Christianity would never get mentioned, there are still some who wish Christians would witness to what makes us distinct? Get out!

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Hmm... it sounds like the editor does a pretty good job of undermining himself, basically pointing out that the site hasn't been running well and as such, yeah, they've probably posted some pretty bad content. And then there's this:

What Mr. Chick thought he would find—a place where a meaningful dialog about games existed (but from a Christian perspective!)—doesn't exist at CCG. Not yet, at least.

And this (emphasis mine):

The review does not fail because it didn't meet Mr. Chick's notion of an analytical look at the game-– something that was never promised, and never delivered upon-–but it might fall short because of quality.

Both of which strike me as odd defenses to make for your site. I'm not sure if he was trying to be self-deprecating or what.

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