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If any of you follow me on Twitter (and why would you?! @alexklages) you will have noticed an occasional hashtag that goes as follows: #AlphaCDListenThru

When I got married 7 years ago, my wife and I combined our then-somewhat-substantial CD collections into a great big CD collection, of over 1000 CDs. This makes for a lot of listening.

And in a fit of dire madness, I made a vow to myself that I would not buy any more CDs (or music, in general) until I had listened through Every. Last. CD.

I need from you, dear friends, either (a) encouragement to go on (currently at Canadian Brass, having listened through Caedmon's Call) or (B) a sternly worded rebuke.

Either way... it's been interesting listening to those CDs at the margins of the collection that I haven't sold off or pitched. And it's been very good listening to old favourites and seeing how and if they still stand up.

Thanks for reading...

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I used to do something similar in college (I actually brought my ~600 CD collection with me every year). The listen-through would take months, and everyone thought I was nuts. Still, I grew to love stuff I'd ignored, or I was able to weed out albums that I really didn't need.

Keep on it! It's an adventure, for sure.

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I started working on my own album listen-through today. I don't want to completely alienate all of my Twitter followers, so I'm only hitting a few a day. My handle is @jasonpanella (creative!) and I'm using the #45daysofMusic hashtag. Since, well, I have around 45 days worth of music. This might take a while.

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