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New User Validation

Taylor Olsen

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Hi all,

Usually, the Arts and Faith website automatically validates new users shortly after they register. However, every so often, through no fault of the new user, the system holds them in limbo and doesn't allow them to post more than a certain amount until they are validated. We're not sure why this happens, but it the only solution we know of is to have one of the administrators, such as myself, manually validate the new user's account.

If this seems to be the case with your account, or with someone you've seen on the boards, please respond to this thread or send me a PM (personal message) and I'll get that account validated!

And thanks for bearing with our quirks!

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I haven't seen this yet. In looking at the control panel I do see a number of "new users" that the CP says have not responded to a validation e-mail--an automated e-mail generated by the software to confirm that the person signing up is an actual person and not a bot or spammer.

But to echo Taylor, if you have signed up for an account but are unable to post, let me know.

User's that are flagged for spam are blocked (after review) so that should be an issue as far as why an account isn't validated.

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