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Cow Clicker

The Defenestrator

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Here's a very interesting article about Ian Bogost. Quick synopsis: Bogost created a game called "Cow Clicker" for Facebook in order to critique social games like Farmville. A lot of people were in on the joke but a lot of other people started playing it seriously. Meanwhile, other games he created weren't getting the attention that Cow Clicker was.
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Interesting article... But doesn't the existence of the "Poke" button on Facebook kinda make cow clicking a redundant "joke?"

"It's a dangerous business going out your front door." -- J.R.R. Tolkien
"I want to believe in art-induced epiphanies." -- Josie
"I would never be dismissive of pop entertainment; it's much too serious a matter for that." -- NBooth

"If apologetics could prove God, I would lose all faith in Him." -- Josie

"What if--just what if--the very act of storytelling is itself redemptive? What if gathering up the scraps and fragments of a disordered life and binding them between the pages of a book in all of their fragmentary disorder is itself a gambit against that disorder?" -- NBooth

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