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Has anyone ever heard of this guy? I discovered him today when I stumbled across this article on the WSJ, "How Calvinists Spread Thanksgiving Cheer," in which he quotes from John Calvin's commentaries in a positive way.

He's written several articles for HuffPo about twitter, and has apparently done some work as a comedian as well.

Some of his poems can be found here.

Some of his essays can be found here.

He also apparently went to Covenant College.

Needless to say, he sounds like a fascinating guy. Anyone read any of his books, articles, etc.? Is he a believer?

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He also apparently went to Covenant College.

Ha! I went to school with some kinfolk of his. The Belzes are practically an institution at Covenant (Belz Hall is one of the dorms, for instance).

Can't say I've read him, though.

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I met him a few months back in L.A. (alas, during my weekend of traveling and speaking with total laryngitis). Joe Kickasola, the guy who wrote The Films of Krzysztof Kieslowski: The Liminal Image, introduced me to him. They invited me to go along with them to a Dmitri Martin show, and I really wanted to go, but I was just too sick at that point. I suspect others here at A&F know him too. He's prolific, multi-talented, and very funny. He doesn't just write and perform comedy; he studies it. Very funny, thoughtful guy.

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