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This is Our City - new CT site

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Some of you know Christy Tennant, who has been the host of IAM Conversations and has been very involved at IAM Encounter events too.

(And some of you know the extraordinary story of what happened when I met Christy for coffee at a donut shop in Seattle a couple of years ago.)

Well, Christy is now the Director of Engagement for a new Christianity Today endeavor called This Is Our City. (And A&F's own Nathan Clarke is the director of this program.)

And I mention this today because, lo... my wife Anne has her first CT article published there today! It's about Christmas in Seattle.

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I don't know how many CT-related threads we have on the board, but I'm sticking this related question here. I noticed that christianitytoday.com now says it's "now home to Christianity Today magazine."

It always has been, hasn't it? The same site used to have Books and Culture, Christian History and other properties associated the magazine, right? Is the new site dedicated solely to Christianity Today magazin and nothing else, and if so, where'd the other content go? Does anyone know?

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