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Greg Wolfe

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During the recent bandwidth and hosting-changeover period we mentioned the cost for maintaining A&F was increasing. Anna also found a way to minimize that cost increase (yay Anna!) so we're grateful for that.

And some of you made donations at that time (even signing up for the monthly giving option, which is great).

Nevertheless, the truth is that A&F's continued flourishing now depends on its non-profit host, IMAGE, and we need year-end gifts to make our budget for the coming year.

The recession is real -- we've witnessed donors who are either cutting their gifts or not renewing.

The best way to counter-act this is through MORE people giving.

If you haven't given, please consider making a donation in the next couple days. Your gift might even be matched, dollar for dollar!


Thanks again for all you do to make this board such a lively, enriching place.


Greg Wolfe

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