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Link to our thread on the remake of Suspicion, the OTHER film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in which Joan Fontaine plays a newlywed woman who begins to harbour doubts about her husband.

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DreamWorks to remake Hitchcock's 'Rebecca'

DreamWorks and Working Title Films are embarking on a feature remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic mystery ''Rebecca,'' that will be written by ''Eastern Promises'' scribe Steven Knight, who will go back to the original book by Daphne DuMaurier.

Story follows a naive young woman who marries a rich widower and settles in his gigantic mansion, only to find that the memory of the first wife maintains a grip on her husband and the servants. . . .

Knight earned acclaim early in his career for writing Stephen Frears' ''Dirty Pretty Things'' and he recently adapted Dan Brown's bestselling novel ''The Lost Symbol'' for Sony. Knight is currently prepping his directorial debut ''Hummingbird,'' which will star Jason Statham. . . .

Variety, February 9

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Entire film available on YouTube:


"Anyway, in general I love tragic artists, especially classical ones."

"Even the forms for expressing truth can be multiform, and this is indeed necessary for the transmission of the Gospel in its timeless meaning."

- Pope Francis, August 2013 interview with Antonio Spadaro

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