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Christian clothing

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I was browsing around Facebook today when an ad for MissionalWear.com popped up to the side. I decided to go check out the apparel they had for sale. Some of the quotes (mostly from all Reformed preachers and teachers) are very good and the actual design and imagery on the T-shirts are catchy and sleek as well.

Most of the time when I come across Christian clothing lines, the designs make me cringe. They either look way too chaotic or are just plain lame (such as the Call of Duty-style T-shirt I've seen floating around the Web) or they are filled with Bible verses.

I've come across a few clothing lines that have apparel that looks fairly fashionable like Enthos or Jedidiah or even MissionalWear.com. Does anyone else know of any similar websites?

(I know we can spend copious amounts of time debating "What makes a T-shirt 'Christian'?" or "Is there such a thing as a "Christian shirt?" the same way some people get very finicky over "Christian music", but I am speaking broadly...clothing lines that are connected somehow to religious organizations and/or social justice, that feature religious symbolism or quotes)

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