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Honestly, I think our biggest barrier will be the lack of a software character creator. Right now, I don't think most people would be down for manually writing up character sheets. (Heck, right now I wouldn't be down for that.)


My friend and his kids were beta testers for the digital character creator, Dungeonscape. Wizards cancelled the project in October, though, which was a bummer. Guess there were a lot of bugs. 


I don't know if this will change your opinion, but I was able to whip up a new character for 5E this past weekend in about 10 minutes. It's really easy, especially with gear (you can buy things manually, or use their "either/or" system to quickly assemble things).

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Wanted to pop back in this thread to say that, for the first time ever, I'm running a game of D&D. Every few months, I get together with some friends from college and play board games. Someone mentioned making the theme of this get-together "dungeon crawls," so I offered to DM D&D, since no one (outside of me) had any experience with tabletop RPGs. 

So, I'm preparing things. I have a good intro adventure to run, and I'm borrowing various vinyl maps off of friends and gathering index cards and markers. I also made pregenerated characters that fit lots of the classic fantasy archetypes: elf wizard, human fighter, and so on. I'm surprisingly nervous, but also really excited. 

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