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David Olney: The Stone

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I thought most of you Christians could be interested by this:


It's a new release, available from Amazon. David Olney is a singer songwriter I use to like a lot (my favourite albums being Through a glass darkly and High, wide and lonesome), so I share the news.

Review (3rd Coast Music Magazine - Texas - March 2012):

Given that I bristle when I see God thanked in album credits, an antipathy I share with many FAR [radio chart] reporters, some of whom make it grounds for instant rejection, an album celebrating Easter would normally be a non-start, but, of course, DAVID OLNEY is someone I'm never going to shitcan out of hand. This, following Film Noir (Deadbeet, 2011), is another mini concept album, six tracks of Folk Gospel looking at the Passion from six different viewpoints, such as a a charlatan turned apostle, the ass that Jesus rode, Barabbas the thief, a Roman soldier trying to explain the disappearance of the body. Backed by Sergio Webb classical guitar, Jack Irwin harpsichord, percussion and orchestrations, and Dave Roe bass, OLNEY IS, AS ALWAYS, COMPELLING, but I find it hard to imagine who else could pull off a project like this.

Product Description


Something happened. Back there all those centuries ago. Something not easily believed or easily dismissed. Two thousand years of glory and horror, of love and hate, of beauty and violence have only made those long ago events more murky and more enigmatic. But nothing comes of nothing. Something happened. The Stone is an attempt to address those events. From varying points of view (a con man, a donkey, a murderer and a soldier), a story is told. A picture struggles to emerge. Nothing is proved. Nothing is denied.

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