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This thread was begun in the early hours of June 7, 2004: I had viewed THE LONGEST DAY on June 6, D-Day, and wondered what other films might include specific dates. Quite a few, as it turns out - whether the date itself is shown onscreen or mentioned in dialogue, or portrayed without explicit reference to the calendar date but can be determined by other clues or references. 

By July 15, 2008, we had a film for every date of the year - even February 29 and February 30! The list continued to be refined, with fiction films (or fictionalized treatments of historical events) replacing documentaries. In November 2009, John Drew (AKA Baal_T'Shuvah) set himself the task of creating a calendar where each date was represented by a different film - that's post #543.

As of June 3, 2014, we've reached post #841, THE IMMIGRANT, and a reference to Candlemas, which occurs February 2.


The process of creating this particular list has been a bit inconsistent, so there are certainly errors: I hope to go through the whole list and do some double-checking. Indeed, there are as many as fifty entries imported from the Movie Timeline which, it turns out, may not actually appear in the films cited: I'll be weeding those out, as well as other questionable entries. Do let me know if you catch anything that could be refined.
Following the day-by-day calendar list is a film-by-film list providing the relevant post number where you may find more detail.

Jan 1: Apartment, Back To The Future III, Black Dahlia, Christmas Tale, Cinema Paradiso, Forrest Gump, Fruitvale Station, Godfather II, Hudsucker Proxy, Karate Kid 2010, Looking For Mr Goodbar, Man On Fire, Milk, Miserables du Vingtieme Siecle, Of Gods and Men, Rocky, Rosewood, Tabu, Pariah, Wrong Man
Jan 2: All The President's Men, Sullivan's Travels, Rosewood, Good Shepherd. Eight Men Out, Che, Rocky V, Sid and Nancy.

Jan 3: Rosewood, Of Gods And Men. Luther, The Babe, Babe Ruth Story, To Live and Die in L.A., Tabu, On The Road, Vengeance Is Mine.

Jan 4: Aguirre, Capricorn One, Man On Fire, Motorcycle Diaries, My Cousin Vinny, Rosewood, Wrong Man

Jan 5: After The Wedding, Au Revoir Les Enfants, All The President's Men, Lives of Others, Logan's Run, Rain Man, Rosewood, Time Machine, Topsy Turvy

Jan 6: Aguirre, Capote, Game 6, Goodfellas, Infamous, Rosewood

Jan 7: Aguirre, Black Dahlia, Chaplin, Madison, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Rosewood, Saint Ralph, Truman, Very Long Engagement

Jan 8: 500 Days Of Summer, Aguirre, Blade Runner, Frost/Nixon, Of Gods and Men

Jan 9: Live From Baghdad, Milk, Notorious.

Jan 10: Aguirre, And Along Come Tourists, Argo, Battle Of Algiers, Bourne Ultimatum

Jan 11: Caesar Must Die, Carnage, All The President's Men, Social Network. Lincoln, Godfather.

Jan 12: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Aguirre, Chocolat, Eight Men Out. Into The Wild, September Dawn, Ghost Writer.

Jan 13: Black Dahlia, Live From Baghdad, Walk The Line, Sophie Scholl. Amistad, Kite (Patang).

Jan 14: Black Dahlia, Wrong Man, Eight Men Out. Kite (Patang), Red Robin.

Jan 15: Battle of Algiers, Black Dahlia, Chorus, Days Of Glory, I'm Not There, Lincoln, Live From Baghdad, Ninth Day, Planet Of The Apes 1968, Wrong Man

Jan 16: Argo, Black Dahlia, Caesar Must Die, Ivan The Terrible, L.A. Confidential, Night of January 16, Ninth Day, Octopussy, Public Enemies, Royal Affair

Jan 17: Au Revoir Les Enfants, Black Dahlia, Goodfellas, Live From Baghdad, Ninth Day. Devotion, Saint Ralph, Executioner's Song, Patriot, Valentine's Day.

Jan 18: Octopussy, Black Dahlia, Ninth Day, Wicker Man. Bourne Supremacy, Boston Strangler, Black Sunday, Katyn, Freddy vs Jason, Max Payne, Black Christmas.

Jan 19: A Mighty Heart, Black Dahlia, Logan's Run, Motorcycle Diaries, Milk, Ninth Day. To Live and Die in LA, Argo, Sometimes in April.

Jan 20: Aguirre, Wannsee Conference, Conspiracy, King's Speech, Ninth Day, All The President's Men, Black Dahlia, Nixon, Fugitive (1993. Psycho, Truman

Jan 21: Caesar Must Die, Patriot Games, Rain Man, Mighty Heart, Margaret, Ninth Day, Black Dahlia, L.A. Confidential, Fugitive, Nixon. Farewell My Queen.

Jan 22: Burn!, Ninth Day, Shootist, Zulu, Zulu Dawn. Army of Shadows.

Jan 23: American Gangster, Bounty, Chorus, Dallas Buyers Club, Dragnet 1966, Mighty Heart, Ninth Day, Nixon, Shootist. Argo, Zulu, Ghost Writer.

Jan 24: Aguirre, All The President's Men, Mighty Heart, Miracle at St. Anna, Munich, Nobody to Watch Over Me, Shootist
, Live From Baghdad
Jan 25: Argo, Donnie Darko, Dragnet (1966), Helter Skelter, Man For All Seasons (Scofield), Mighty Heart, Monsieur Vincent, Shootist

Jan 26: Caesar Must Die, Dead End Drive In, Dragnet 1966, Grandmaster, L.A. Confidential, Man For All Seasons (Heston), Shootist

Jan 27: A Man For All Seasons (Heston), Shootist, Dragnet 1966, Mighty Heart, Sophie Scholl, American Gangster. Argo.

Jan 28: Argo, Battle of Algiers, Helter Skelter, Honeydripper, Martian Child, Sophie Scholl, Shootist

Jan 29: Day The Earth Stood Still, Motorcycle Diaries, Shootist, Conspiracy. Argo.

Jan 30: Chorus, Mighty Heart. Bloody Sunday, Gandhi, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Great Raid

Jan 31: American Gangster, Battle of Algiers, Lincoln, Mighty Heart, Motorcycle Diaries, Mud, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory


Feb 1: Mighty Heart, Aguirre, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Source Code, Fugitive (1993). 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Feb 2: Battle of Algiers, Flic, Groundhog Day, Immigrant, Michael Clayton, Right Kind Of Wrong, Valkyrie, Wicker Man (1973), Wrong Man

Feb 3: Mighty Heart, Motorcycle Diaries, Conspiracy, Song of Bernadette. Buddy Holly Story, La Bamba, Good / Bad / Ugly, Christmas Tale, Mrs Henderson Presents, Grass Harp.

Feb 4: Social Network, Superstar, Source Code. Che, Game 6, Howl, Rome Open City.

Feb 5: Battle of Algiers, Black Book, Black Widow, Fargo, Kabei: Our Mother, Mighty Heart

Feb 6: Social Network. Number 23, How The West Was Won, Goodbye First Love.

Feb 7: Number 23, Eight Men Out, Billy Madison, Chaplin, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Dreyfus, Hannibal, Planet of the Apes (2001), Path To Paradise
, Pierrepoint
Feb 8: Chorus, I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Prestige.

Feb 9: All The President's Men, Blade Runner, Fargo, Flic, Helter Skelter, I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Feb 10: 42, Deja Vu, Gran Torino, Margaret, Mandela, Nebraska

Feb 11: American Gangster, Song of Bernadette. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Invictus, Mandela, Quiz Show, Sylvia, Strangers, Up In The Air.

Feb 12: Wrong Trousers, Mighty Heart, Topsy-Turvy. Game 6, Holiday Inn, Into The Wild, Aviator.

Feb 13: Burn!, Sophie Scholl. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Map of the Human Heart, Slaughterhouse-Five, Darjeeling Limited, Verdict, Army of Shadows.

Feb 14: Blade Runner, Bourne Ultimatum, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Some Like It Hot. Che, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, La Vie en Rose, Marty, Man With Two Brains.

Feb 15: Chorus, Motorcycle Diaries, Railway Man, Vanya on 42nd Street. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Roughriders.

Feb 16: 42, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Get Low, Helter Skelter, Manchurian Candidate, Up In The Air, La Vie en Rose

Feb 17: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Sophie Scholl. Assassination of Richard Nixon, To End All Wars.

Feb 18: Breach, Chisum, Inside Llewyn Davis, Motorcycle Diaries, Song of Bernadette, Sophie Scholl

Feb 19: Motorcycle Diaries, Sophie Scholl, Song of Bernadette. Breach, Flags Of Our Fathers, Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford, Matrix, Verdict.

Feb 20: Sophie Scholl. Breach, Right Stuff.

Feb 21: Mighty Heart, Sophie Scholl, Source Code, Song of Bernadette, Nixon. Picnic At Hanging Rock.

Feb 22: Aguirre, Au Revoir Les Enfants, Walk The Line, Sophie Scholl, Good Night and Good Luck. Amistad, Holiday Inn, Miracle, Assassination of Richard Nixon, Hulk.

Feb 23: Mighty Heart, Bourne Ultimatum, Conspiracy, Field of Dreams. Flags Of Our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima, Sunshine Cleaning, If I Were You, Army of Shadows.

Feb 24: Twin Peaks. La Grande Illusion, Amistad, Thank You For Smoking.

Feb 25: Ali, Battle of Algiers, Red Dragon, Song of Bernadette, Sylvia

Feb 26: All The President's Men, Deja Vu, Helter Skelter, Junebug, Motorcycle Diaries, Song of Bernadette, Social Network

Feb 27: Che. Black Hawk Down, Breaker Morant, Changeling, If I Were You.

Feb 28: Deja Vu, Grass Harp, Hiding Place, Now You See Me, Operation Crossbow.

Feb 29: Black Widow, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, Pirates of Penzance

Feb 30: Vanilla Sky.


Mar 1: 2009 Lost Memories, All The President's Men, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Five Card Stud, Parallax View

Mar 2: Forrest Gump, Gran Torino, Katyn, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Song of Bernadette

Mar 3: A Dangerous Method, déjà vu, Chorus

Mar 4: Battle of Algiers, I've Loved You For So Long, In The Name of the Father, Katyn, Live From Baghdad, No

Mar 5: Black Dahlia, Katyn, Master, Return of Secaucus 7

Mar 6: Alamo (1960), Citizen Cohn, Gothic, Helter Skelter, Red 2

Mar 7: Breach, Burn!, Motorcycle Diaries. Death of a Shadow.

Mar 8: American Gangster

Mar 9: Amistad, Changeling, Diving Bell and Butterfly, Good Night and Good Luck, Helter Skelter, Hiding Place
, Pierrepoint
Mar 10: Changeling, Lives Of Others, Emperor, Frost/Nixon

Mar 11: All The President's Men, Bang Bang Club, Caesar Must Die, Dallas Buyers Club, End of Watch, Lives Of Others, Motorcycle Diaries, Romeo + Juliet, Year of Living Dangerously

Mar 12: Good Night and Good Luck, Bird, Caesar Must Die, Dekalog 7, Grace Is Gone, Public Enemies, Breakfast Club, Valkyrie, Song of Bernadette

Mar 13: All The President's Men, Khartoum, Valkyrie

Mar 14: Hereafter, Motorcycle Diaries, Topsy Turvy
, Oblivion
Mar 15: Hairspray, Julius Caesar, Ides of March, Motorcycle Diaries

Mar 16: Dekalog 5. Rollover

Mar 17: 42, Fugitive, Avenue Montaigne, Boondock Saints, Informant!, Spanish Prisoner

Mar 18: 42, Billy Madison, Boondock Saints, Monroe Doctrine, Thing About My Folks

Mar 19: ** Hard Candy, Tuskegee Airmen, Jungle Fever, Jersey Girl, King of New York, Green Zone
Mar 20: Dogville, In Lieu Of Flowers

Mar 21: Man Who Knew Too Much 1934, A Man For All Seasons (Heston), Frost/Nixon, Nixon, Surf's Up. Copying Beethoven, Shadowlands.

Mar 22: Man Who Knew Too Much 1934, Nixon, Forrest Gump, Cinderella Man. About Schmidt, Zodiac.

Mar 23: Bling Ring, Bourne Ultimatum, Frost/Nixon, Magnolia, Planet Of The Apes (1968), September Dawn, Source Code, Zodiac

Mar 24: Breakfast Club, Game 6, Helter Skelter, Insider, Planet of the Apes (1968), Romero, Singin' In The Rain, Woodsman

Mar 25: Amazing Grace, Hill Number One, Frost/Nixon, Song of Bernadette

Mar 26: Copying Beethoven, Immortal Beloved, Woodsman, Planet Of The Apes (1968)

Mar 27: Das Boot, Of Gods and Men, Planet of the Apes (1968)

Mar 28: Bourne Ultimatum, Captain Phillips, Frankenstein, Frost/Nixon, Hours

Mar 29: Chocolat, Helter Skelter, Now You See Me

Mar 30: Capote, Forrest Gump, Good Shepherd, Source Code

Mar 31: Nixon. Bobby, Selena, Columbiana, Picadilly Jim, Mandela.


Apr 1: Amelie, April Fool's Day, Captain Phillips, Goodfellas, Moneyball

Apr 2: Assassination of Jesse James, Daybreakers, Katyn, Motorcycle Diaries, Saving Mr Banks

Apr 3: A Man For All Seasons (Scofield), After Life, Changeling, High Fidelity, Katyn, Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford, Insider, Prestige, White Diamond

Apr 4: 1984, Across The Universe, Across The Universe, All The President's Men, Bobby, Forrest Gump, Juno, My Own Private Idaho, Star Trek: First Contact, Talk To Me, Exorcism of Emily Rose

Apr 5: Motorcycle Diaries, Patriot Games. Beyond The Gates / Shooting Dogs, Bounty, Howl, Star Trek: First Contact, Miracle Worker.

Apr 6: All The President's Men, Beyond The Gates / Shooting Dogs, Charlie Wilson's War, Good Night and Good Luck, Hair, Karate Kid 2010, Katyn

Apr 7: Beyond The Gates / Shooting Dogs, Captain Phillips, Devil and Daniel Webster, Goodfellas, Katyn, Sometimes In April.

Apr 8: Captain Phillips, Legend of Bhatat Sing, Pierrepoint, Wrestler, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Super 8, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Bradman, Night of Living Dorks, Easy A, American Reunion
Apr 9: Burn After Reading, Captain Phillips, Che, Flame and Citron, Lincoln, Manchurian Candidate, Munich

Apr 10: 42, All The President's Men, Blade Runner, Captain Phillips, Day The Earth Stood Still, Katyn, Redacted

Apr 11: Apollo 13, Battle: Los Angeles, Beyond The Gates / Shooting Dogs, Captain Phillips, Conspiracy, Dances With Wolves, Elephant Man, Informant! (?), Lincoln

Apr 12: All The President's Men, Bourne Identity, Captain Phillips, Munich, Raising Arizona, Return To Me, Sometimes In April

Apr 13: Angels In America, Apollo 13, Dangerous Method, Frida, Gandhi, Helter Skelter, Katyn, Great Debaters, New World, Social Network

Apr 14: Abraham Lincoln, Birth Of A Nation, Gods and Generals, Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, Capote, Charlie Wilson's War, Grief Tourist / Dark Tourist, Lincoln, Mallrats, Prince of Players, Prisoner of Shark Island, Conspirator, Lincoln Conspiracy, Titanic

Apr 15: 42, Bourne Identity, Dogma, Junebug, Bourne Ultimatum, Squid and Whale, Titanic

Apr 16: Forrest Gump, Good Shepherd, Song of Bernadette, Thieves Like Us

Apr 17: Apollo 13, Breach, Cache, Forbidden Zone, Gods and Generals, Man For All Seasons (Scofield)

Apr 18: 42, Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, Bang Bang Club, Good Shepherd, Frost/Nixon, Gods and Generals, Looking For Mr Goodbar

Apr 19: Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, Oh God! You Devil, Hulk

Apr 20: Crimes and Misdemeanors, Downfall, Elephant, Good Shepherd

Apr 21: Good Shepherd. Downfall, Hitler: The Last Ten Days, Fog.

Apr 22: 42, Downfall, Minority Report, Ice Storm, Frost/Nixon, Gods and Generals

Apr 23: April 23, Downfall, Good Shepherd, Helter Skelter, Notorious, Shadowlands, Incredibles, Notorious, Zidane: 21st Century Portrait

Apr 24: Good Shepherd. Downfall, Seven Percent Solution, Two Of Us.

Apr 25: Brothers of the Head, Downfall, Conspiracy, Milk, Miss Congeniality, Rainmaker 1997, Wonder Boys, Zodiac

Apr 26: American Hustle, Good Shepherd. A Woman In Berlin, Brothers of the Head, Downfall, Hours and Times, Education of Charlie Banks.

Apr 27: Across The Universe, Brothers of the Head, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Downfall, Bang Bang Club, Goodfellas
, Mandela
Apr 28: All The President's Men, American Hustle, Bounty, Brothers of the Head, Downfall, Kate and Leopold, Night of the Living Dead

Apr 29: A Woman Commands, Downfall, Conspiracy, Hours and Times, Night of the Living Dead, Saint Ralph, Godfather, Wicker Man (1973)
, Live From Baghdad
Apr 30: A Woman In Berlin, Across The Universe, Downfall, Night of the Living Dead, Pride of the Yankees, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, Wicker Man (1973), Zodiac


May 1: Burn After Reading, Cradle Will Rock, Seabiscuit, Shadowlands, Queen, Shining, Wicker Man (1973), Zero Dark Thirty, Zodiac, Oslo August 31st, Gods and Generals

May 2: Bounty, Cinderella Man, Django Unchained, Gods & Generals, Katyn, Pride of Yankees, Queen, Secret Life of Walter Mitty

May 3: Che, Django Unchained, It's A Wonderful Life, Saving Mr Banks

May 4: A Man For All Seasons (Scofield), Juno, Walker

May 5: American Hustle, Dracula, End Of Watch, Frida, Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School, Simpsons Movie, Wicker Man (1973)

May 6: As You Like It, Wall Street
, Live From Baghdad, Pierrepoint
May 7: 500 Days Of Summer, Copying Beethoven, Frankenstein

May 8: Ashes & Diamonds, Big Red One, Broken Flowers, Caesar Must Die, Death of a President, It's A Wonderful Life, Nixon, Pope's Toilet, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Vie en Rose

May 9: 42, Milk, Ashes and Diamonds, Game 6, Me and Orson Welles, Sophie Scholl, Power of One?

May 10: Amistad, Cinderella Man, Lone Ranger, Taxi Driver, Gods and Generals

May 11: Milk, Leopard, Goodfellas

May 12: American Hustle, Man For All Seasons (Scofield), King's Speech, Bourne Ultimatum, Day Of Wrath, Motorcycle Diaries, Terminator, Verdict, Source Code

May 13: Bridge On The River Kwai, Chorus, Conspiracy, Dreamers, Great Debaters, Harakiri, Lawrence of Arabia, Petit Soldat

May 14: Capricorn One, Far Horizons, From Up On Poppy Hill
, Live From Baghdad
May 15: American Hustle, Bourne Ultimatum, Double Indemnity, Forrest Gump, From Up On Poppy Hill, Great Gatsby 2013, Horton Hears A Who, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, Malcolm X, Motorcycle Diaries, Paris Je T'aime, "Faubourg Saint-Denis", Saint Ralph, Death of Klinghoffer, Shining, Gods and Generals
, Pierrepoint
May 16: American Hustle, Bourne Ultimatum, Cinderella Man, Goodfellas, Man For All Seasons (Scofield), Memphis Belle, Secret Life of Walter Mitty
, Pierrepoint
May 17: 42, All The President's Men, Bourne Ultimatum, Half Nelson, Memphis Belle, Redacted, Untouchables

May 18: I Heart Huckabees, Aviator. Don't Come Knocking, Keeper: The Legend of O
Mar Khayyam.

May 19: Grass Harp, Somewhere In Time. Avatar, House Of Sand, Dam Busters, Town.

May 20: Caesar Must Die, Gods and Generals, My Fair Lady, Broken Flowers. Death of a Shadow, Right Kind Of Wrong.

May 21: Bourne Ultimatum, Burn!, Days Of Summer, From Up On Poppy Hill, Kagemusha, Lawrence of Arabia, Master, Of Gods And Men

May 22: Laura, Milk, Moneyball, Saint Ralph

May 23: 500 Days Of Summer, Bonnie and Clyde, Gods and Generals, Grass Harp, Heaven (Tykwer), Karate Kid 2010, Milk, Moneyball
, Victoria Day
May 24: Avenue Montaigne, Aviator, From Up On Poppy Hill, Redacted
, Victoria Day
May 25: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Synecdoche New York, Motorcycle Diaries, Wilde, Captain America

May 26: Taxi Driver, Despicable Me, Fever Pitch

May 27: All The President's Men, Bruce Almighty, Conspiracy, Dogma, Informant!, Moneyball

May 28: Che, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, From Up On Poppy Hill, Pride of the Yankees

May 29: A Woman Commands, Bourne Ultimatum, Murderers Among Us, Zero Dark Thirty

May 30: Princess and the Warrior. Dangerous Method, Avatar, Joan of Arc, Passion of Joan of Arc.

May 31: Almost Heroes, Conspiracy, From Up On Poppy Hill, Pride of the Yankees


Jun 1: All The President's Men, Atonement, Bourne Ultimatum, District 9, Dogma, Master, Pride of the Yankees

Jun 2: Bourne Ultimatum, Butch Cassidy, Hairspray, Marat/Sade, Marat/Sade, Pride of Yankees

Jun 3: 1941, Alien, Black Dahlia, District 9, Superbad, Chorus, Year My Parents Went On Vacation, Frost/Nixon

Jun 4: All The President's Men, Bobby, Broken Lance, Conspiracy, From Up On Poppy Hill, Game 6, Man Who Knew Too Much 1956

Jun 5: Man Who Knew Too Much 1956, I Heart Huckabees, Brokeback Mountain, Moonrise Kingdom, Forrest Gump. Bobby, My Left Foot.

Jun 6: Beaufort, Dogma, Front Page, Lebanon, Longest Day, Man Who Knew Too Much 1956, Miracle At St Anna, Moneyball, Nixon, Pan's Labyrinth, Saving Private Ryan, Vanilla Sky

Jun 7: Man Who Knew Too Much 1956, Milk, Forrest Gump. Bruce Almighty, I'm Not There, Notes on a Scandal, Namesake, Valkyrie.

Jun 8: Andre, Assassination of Jesse James, Canterbury Tale, Closed Circuit, End Of Watch, Karate Kid 2010, Man Who Knew Too Much 1956, Milk, Motorcycle Diaries, Singin' In The Rain, Taxi Driver, Wrong Man

Jun 9: Closed Circuit, Glory, Good Night and Good Luck, L.A. Confidential, Number 23.

Jun 10: Battle of Algiers, Black Dahlia, Little Children, Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), Moneyball, Redacted, Wah-Wah (?)

Jun 11: Avenue Montaigne, Bounty, Forrest Gump, King's Speech, Redacted, Since Otar Left, We Were Soldiers, Goodfellas

Jun 12: Avenue Montaigne, Blade Runner, Bus 174, Closed Circuit, Diary of Anne Frank, Ghosts of Mississippi, Good Shepherd, Goodfellas, Last Stop 174, Lavender Hill Mob, Man For All Seasons (Heston), Midnight's Children

Jun 13: Cinderella Man, Nixon. Frida, Friday the 13th
, Mandela
Jun 14: 12 Monkeys, Casablanca, Cinderella Man, Closed Circuit, Day Of Wrath, Friday the 13th, Motorcycle Diaries, The Natural

Jun 15: Cinderella Man, Closed Circuit, Double Indemnity, Great Gatsby 2013, Motorcycle Diaries

Jun 16: Before Sunrise, Bloom, Mandela, Munich, Conspiracy
, Canterbury Tale
Jun 17: All The President's Men, All The President's Men, Atonement, Before Sunrise, Forrest Gump, Pain and Gain, American Gangster

Jun 18: Big Lift, Frost/Nixon, Hulk, Moneyball, Superbad

Jun 19: Apocalypse Now, Game 6. Michael Clayton, Pride of the Yankees, Sacrifice, Zodiac

Jun 20: Battle of Algiers, Bugsy, Caesar Must Die, Chorus, Farewell My Lovely, Milk, Zodiac

Jun 21: 42, 140, Bourne Identity, Chorus, Dark Matter, Farewell, Milk, My Lovely, Town Called Panic, Year Of The Dog

Jun 22: Farewell My Lovely, In A Lonely Place, Katyn, Motorcycle Diaries, World's End

Jun 23: Andrei Rublev, Kalifornia, Frost/Nixon

Jun 24: Andrei Rublev, As It Is In Heaven, Rain Man, Big Lift
, Canterbury Tale
Jun 25: Dad, Elizabethtown, Hulk, Jerichow, Little Big Man, Milk, Pride of the Yankees, Ragtime, Rosemary's Baby, Trollhunter, You Can't Take It With You

Jun 26: Stripes. Amistad, Flame and Citron, Little Big Man, Redacted.

Jun 27: Amistad, Helter Skelter, Informant!, Last King of Scotland, Miracle Worker, Raid on Entebbe
, Somewhere In Time, Live From Baghdad
Jun 28: It's A Wonderful Life, Last King of Scotland, Milk, Raid On Entebbe, Redacted, Rosemary's Baby
, Somewhere In Time
Jun 29: Avatar, Claire's Knee, Farewell, My Lovely, Field Of Dreams, Jaws, Somewhere In Time, Taxi Driver, It's a Wonderful Life

Jun 30: 42, I Heart Huckabees, Knocked Up. Claire's Knee, Lamumba.

Jul 1: A Man For All Seasons (Scofield), Claire's Knee, Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, Raid On Entebbe, Last King of Scotland

Jul 2: Amistad, Battle of Algiers, Bounty, Claire's Knee, Gettysburg, Independence Day, No Country For Old Men, Secret Life of Bees
, Canterbury Tale
Jul 3: Claire's Knee, Gettysburg, Independence Day, Raid On Entebbe, Good German, Jaws, Last King of Scotland, Rise and Fall of Idi Amin, Wind That Shakes Barley, No.

Jul 4: 42, 1776, Angels In America, Claire's Knee, Dogville, Forrest Gump, Front Page, Helter Skelter, Hustle and Flow, Independence Day, Jaws, Last King of Scotland, Miss Firecracker, Parallax View, Pride of Yankees, Raid on Entebbe, Rise and Fall of Idi Amin, Shining, Song of Bernadette, Zodiac

Jul 5: Bobby, Claire's Knee, Forrest Gump, Philomena, Quiet Earth, Somewhere In Time, Zodiac, Zodiac

Jul 6: A Man For All Seasons (Scofield), Casino Royale, Claire's Knee, Diary of Anne Frank, Lawrence of Arabia, Death of a Shadow, Frost/Nixon

Jul 7: All The President's Men, Claire's Knee, in A Better World, Redacted, Straight Story, We Bought A Zoo, Zero Dark Thirty, Aviator, Song of Bernadette

Jul 8: Rio Grande. Claire's Knee, Hitchcock, Karate Kid 2010, Redacted, Silence of the Lambs

Jul 9: I Heart Huckabees, Wrong Man. Claire's Knee, Double Indemnity, Four Days In July, Frida, Lake House.

Jul 10: Claire's Knee, Four Days In July, Inherit The Wind, Lake House, Aviator
, Canterbury Tale
Jul 11: Aviator. Avenue Montaigne, Claire's Knee, Four Days In July, Gangs of New York, Manchurian Candidate.

Jul 12: Au Revoir Les Enfants, Che, Four Days In July, Goodfellas, Last Samurai, Pierrepoint, Prisoner Of Honor

Jul 13: All Is Lost, All The President's Men, Double Indemnity, Gangs of New York, Informant!, O Brother Where Art Thou?
, Pierrepoint
Jul 14: All Is Lost, Claire's Knee, Dark Water, Farewell My Queen, Gangs of New York, North Face (Nordwand), Planet of the Apes (1968), Tale of Two Cities

Jul 15: Bounty, Don't Tell Anyone, Farewell My Queen, Gangs of New York, Kings Of Summer, North Face (Nordwand), One Day, Redacted, True Grit, Valkyrie, Looper.

Jul 16: Cinema Paradiso?, Claire's Knee, Dangerous Method, Don't Tell Anyone, Double Indemnity, Earth Vs The Flying Saucers, Farewell My Queen, Forrest Gump, Gangs of New York, One Day, Rio Grande, Sarah's Key

Jul 17: All The President's Men, Claire's Knee, Farewell My Lovely, Forrest Gump, Live From Baghdad, Napoleon Dynamite, North Face (Nordwand), Great Escape, The Hills Have Eyes, Waking Ned Devine, Mamma Mia

Jul 18: True Grit, Canterbury Tale, Cinderella Man, Day the Earth Stood Still, Nixon. Farewell My Lovely, Glory, North Face (Nordwand).

Jul 19: ** North Face (Nordwand), Island, Wyatt Earp, Sinatra, Babe: Pig In The City, American Wedding, Get Him To The Greek
Jul 20: Battle of Algiers, Changeling, Claire's Knee, Forrest Gump, High Fidelity, North Face (Nordwand), O Brother Where Art Thou?, Taxi Driver, Dish, Valkyrie, Valkyrie

Jul 21: Napoleon Dynamite, North Face (Nordwand), O Brother Where Art Thou?, Valkyrie, Wannsee Conference, Gods and Generals

Jul 22: ** Braveheart, Hour Of The Wolf (Bergman), North Face (Nordwand)

Jul 23: Nixon. Claire's Knee, Secrets and Lies, Signs

Jul 24: All The President's Men, Claire's Knee, Frost/Nixon, Helter Skelter, Live From Baghdad, Volver

Jul 25: Dallas Buyers Club, Gangs of New York, I'm Not There, Inherit The Wind

Jul 26: Across The Universe, Claire's Knee, Mission of the Shark, Motorcycle Diaries, Zodiac
, Canterbury Tale
Jul 27: Hour Of The Wolf (Bergman), Of Gods and Men

Jul 28: As It Is In Heaven, Claire's Knee, Jaws, Like Father Like Son, Man For All Seasons (Heston)

Jul 29: Black Dahlia, Blame It On Fidel, Claire's Knee, Cold Mountain, Great Gatsby 2013

Jul 30: Cold Mountain, Dallas Buyers Club, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, Jaws, Joni, Macbeth (2006), September Dawn

Jul 31: All The President's Men, Frankenstein, Great Gatsby 2013, Harry Potter..., Macbeth (2006), My Best Friend, Wannsee Conference, Zodiac


Aug 1: Adam's Apples, August The First, Black Dahlia, Diary of Anne Frank, Zodiac

Aug 2: Black Hawk Down, Live From Baghdad, Zodiac

Aug 3: Helter Skelter, How Green Was My Valley, Mamma Mia, Mission of the Shark, Reader
, Canterbury Tale
Aug 4: Freedom Writers, Terminator 2, Diary of Anne Frank, Zodiac, Mamma Mia

Aug 5: Battle Of Algiers, Empire of the Sun, Frankenstein, Grief Tourist / Dark Tourist, Live From Baghdad, Plymouth Adventure, Zodiac, La Graned Ilusion
Aug 6: All The President's Men, Hibakusha, Hiroshima mon amour, Big Lebowski, Aviator

Aug 7: Gallipoli, I'm Not There, No Country For Old Men, Reign Of Fire, Smoke, Zodiac

Aug 8: Forrest Gump, Frost/Nixon, Hawaii Oslo, Helter Skelter, Miracle At St Anna, Motorcycle Diaries, Nixon, Pollock, Shackleton, Smoke, Social Network, Valkyrie, Live From Baghdad
Aug 9: All The President's Men, District 9, Emperor, Frost/Nixon, Helter Skelter, Rhapsody in August, Rhapsody in August, Space Voyage (Cosmic Voyage), Third Miracle, Wolverine, Zodiac

Aug 10: After Hours, FUBAR, Hackers, Helter Skelter, Smoke

Aug 11: Bourne Ultimatum, District 9, Helter Skelter, Mamma Mia, Pollock, Zelig
, Canterbury Tale
Aug 12: American Gangster, Breach, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait, Great Gatsby 2013, Helter Skelter, Miracle at St Anna, Rain Man, True Grit

Aug 13: Avatar, District 9, One Two Three, Ordet, Zodiac

Aug 14: Master, Midnight's Children, New York New York, One Two Three, Ordet, Red River, Star 80

Aug 15: Cercle Rouge, Cold Heaven, Earth, Karate Kid 2010, Midnight's Children, Ordet, Philomena, Taking Woodstock, True Grit, Valkyrie

Aug 16: Cinema Paradiso?, Ed Wood, Helter Skelter, Karate Kid 2010, Last King Of Scotland, Little Children, Song of Bernadette, Taking Woodstock, Zodiac

Aug 17: I Heart Huckabees, All The President's Men, Waking Ned Devine, Wicker Man (1973), Forrest Gump. Howl, Little Children, Taking Woodstock, Woman in the Moon, Waking Ned Devine.

Aug 18: Into The Wild, Taking Woodstock

Aug 19: It's A Wonderful Life, Prisoners, Smoke
, Canterbury Tale
Aug 20: 42, Notorious Bettie Page. Mother Of Mine, Smoke, Volver.

Aug 21: A Mighty Heart, Bourne Identity, Frida, Game 6, Live From Baghdad, Munich, Bourne Supremacy, Fugitive, La Grande Illusion

Aug 22: Dog Day Afternoon, Michael Collins, Redacted, Terminator: Salvation, Crucible, Insider, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Conspiracy

Aug 23: All The President's Men, Braveheart, Breaker Morant
, Live From Baghdad
Aug 24: 42, Avatar, Helter Skelter, Last Days of Pompei 1935/1959, Live From Baghdad
Aug 25: Me and Orson Welles, Octopussy, Day Of Jackal, Song of Bernadette

Aug 26: Amistad, Battle of Algiers, Campaign, Down On Us, Family, Godfather III, Grand Illusion, Karate Kid 2010, Pride of the Yankees

Aug 27: Krakatoa East of Java, Pride of the Yankees, Saving Mr Banks
, Canterbury Tale
Aug 28: 42, Live From Baghdad, Moonrise Kingdom. Ruling Class
, Canterbury Tale
Aug 29: Butch Cassidy, Live From Baghdad, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Constant Gardener, Goodfellas
, Canterbury Tale
Aug 30: * Shackleton, Superstar, Canterbury Tale, Children Of The Corn
Aug 31: ** Amelie, Oslo August 31, Queen


Sep 1: Back To The Future II, Bird, Bourne Ultimatum, Conspiracy, Death of a Shadow, Death Of Mr Lazarescu, Gone With The Wind, Hairspray, Helter Skelter, High Sign, In The Mood For Love, Karate Kid 2010, Queen, Searching For Bobby Fisher, Smoke
, Wind Rises
Sep 2: Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, Milk, Get Smart, Moonrise Kingdom, Redacted, Smoke, Queen, Workers

Sep 3: I Heart Huckabees, King's Speech, Moonrise Kingdom, Good Shepherd. Hope and Glory, Married Life / Pandora and The Flying Dutchman, Redacted, Queen, Zodiac.

Sep 4: Battle of the Bulge, Black Book, Ernest Green Story, Karate Kid 2010, Moneyball, Moonrise Kingdom, Queen, Valkyrie

Sep 5: 21 Hours In Munich, Married Life, Moonrise Kingdom, Munich, Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford, Queen, Straight Story, Without Limits

Sep 6: It's A Gift, Queen

Sep 7: In Cold Blood. Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford, Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, Long Riders, Zodiac.

Sep 8: Forrest Gump, Frost/Nixon, From Hell
, Great Beauty
Sep 9: Driving Lessons, Forrest Gump, Half Nelson, I Am Legend, Michael Clayton, Reign Of Fire

Sep 10: Breach. Into The Wild, September Dawn, Passenger.

Sep 11: A Mighty Heart, Blame It On Fidel, Braveheart, Extreme Measures, Frankenstein, Half Nelson, Missing, September Dawn, Big Lebowski, World Trade Center, Zero Dark Thirty

Sep 12: Bread and Roses, Caesar Must Die, Catch Me If You Can, Cry Freedom, Dallas Buyers Club, Insider, Mighty Heart, Missing, Pride of the Yankees

Sep 13: Bourne Ultimatum, Goodbye First Love, Smoke, Aviator

Sep 14: 4 Little Girls, Burn After Reading, Land of Plenty, Live From Baghdad, Mandela, Rocky, Smoke, Zodiac

Sep 15: Forrest Gump, Insignificance, Land of Plenty, Missing, Bang Bang Club, Secret Life of Bees

Sep 16: Burn After Reading, Caesar Must Die, Driving Lessons, Far and Away, Mamma Mia, Missing, Timecrimes

Sep 17: 42, Bridge Too Far, Crucible, Frida, Hairspray, Katyn
, Live From Baghdad
Sep 18: Simpsons Movie. Land of Plenty, We Are Marshall.

Sep 19: Amistad, Capricorn One, Crucible, Departed, Forrest Gump, Missing

Sep 20: Caesar Must Die, Changeling, Enemy at the Gates, Zero Dark Thirty

Sep 21: Forrest Gump, Grave of the Fireflies, Band's Visit, Death of Mr Lazarescu, Departed, Wicker Man (1973)

Sep 22: 16 Blocks, Fellowship of the Ring, Forrest Gump, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Network, Place Beyond The Pines, Syriana, Vanilla Sky

Sep 23: Nixon, Little Shop Of Horrors 1986. Wah-Wah, Black Book, The Other Guys

Sep 24: All The President's Men, Brokeback Mountain, Network

Sep 25: Blame It On Fidel, Bridge Too Far, Caine Mutiny, Cheri, Cinderella Man, Cry The Beloved Country, Dangerous Method, Pursuit of Happyness, We Are Marshall

Sep 26: Nixon. Caesar Must Die, Cry The Beloved Country, Kanal, Zodiac

Sep 27: Grass Harp. Kanal, Death of Mr Lazarescu, Saphead, Zodiac

Sep 28: All The President's Men, Amelie, Caesar Must Die, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Godfather III, Lives of Others, Saphead

Sep 29: Pawnbroker, Pride of the Yankees, Saint Ralph

Sep 30: Battle of Algiers, Changeling, Fried Green Tomatoes, Pride of the Yankees, September 30 1955

Oct 1: Breakfast At Tiffany's, Changeling, Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, Game 6, Half Of A Yellow Sun, Judgment at Nuremburg, Sex In Chains (1928), Death of Mr Lazarescu

Oct 2: Around the World in 80 Days, Changeling, Donnie Darko, Game 6, Kingdom of Heaven, Broken City

Oct 3: Black Hawk Down, Che, Godfather, Informant!, Mean Girls, Night Moves, Pawnbroker, Song of Bernadette

Oct 4: Black Hawk Down, Dad, Howl, Midnight Express, Norma Rae, Silver Linings Playbook

Oct 5: Arlington Road, My Left Foot, No

Oct 6: Across The Universe, Jacob's Ladder, Laramie Project, Midnight Express, Milk, Moneyball, Pride of the Yankees, Singin' In The Rain

Oct 7: Days Of Heaven, Death of Klinghofer, Good Bye Lenin!, Married Life, Mighty Heart, Pride of the Yankees

Oct 8: Battle of Algiers, Che, Cry The Beloved Country, Death of Klinghofer, Eight Men Out, Ice Storm, Me and Orson Welles, Straight Story, Wicker Man (1973)

Oct 9: Che, District 9, Extreme Measures, Norma Rae, Killing Fields, Pink Panther Strikes Again, Hellboy

Oct 10: Bourne Identity, Live From Baghdad, Marathon, Moonrise Kingdom, Re-Animator, Death of a Shadow

Oct 11: Flight, Grass Harp. Zodiac, Hair, Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford.

Oct 12: Flight, Grass Harp, Helter Skelter, Laramie Project, Redacted, Silver Linings Playbook, Smart People, Time Machine

Oct 13: Flight, Silver Linings Playbook, Trollhunter, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Zodiac, No

Oct 14: Flight, Good Night and Good Luck, Honeydripper, Sobibor 14 octobre 1943 16 heures, Synecdoche New York, Thirteen Days

Oct 15: 21, Atonement, Brothers Of The Head, Che, Game 6, Good Night and Good Luck, Helter Skelter, Live From Baghdad, Moneyball, New World, Places In The Heart, Silver Linings Playbook, Thirteen Days, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, True Grit, Wannsee Conference, Zodiac

Oct 16: Farewell My Queen, Get on The Bus, Hunt, Munich, Pollock, Taxi Driver, Thirteen Days

Oct 17: Synecdoche New York. Breakfast On Pluto, Cache, Evita, Laura, Live From Baghdad, New World, Thirteen Days.

Oct 18: Thirteen Days. Untouchables, Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Donnie Darko, Vengeance Is Mine.

Oct 19: Death of a President, Good Night and Good Luck, Grand Budapest Hotel, Paycheck, Shadowlands, Thirteen Days, Wolf of Wall Street

Oct 20: Flight, Good Night and Good Luck, Hell House, I'm Not There, MacArthur, Slumdog Millionaire, Synecdoche, New York, Hoax, Thirteen Days, Army of Shadows

Oct 21: Informant!, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Good Will Hunting, Back To The Future II, Forrest Gump. Howl, Reader, Thirteen Days.

Oct 22: Back To The Future II or III, Bounty, Eye of the Dolphin, Forrest Gump, Thirteen Days, Venus In Fur, Zodiac
, Matinee
Oct 23: Billy Bathgate, Che, Children Of Glory, Cotton Club, Forrest Gump, Hoodlum, Red Rock West, Thirteen Days

Oct 24: Fellowship of the Ring, Changeling, La Grande Illusion, Reprise, Thirteen Days

Oct 25: Children Of Glory, Extreme Prejudice, Game 6, Good Night and Good Luck, Heaven Can Wait, Henry V (Olivier), Informant!, Man for All Seasons (Scofield), Reader, Thirteen Days, Wannsee Conference, Matinee

Oct 26: 2009 Lost Memories, Back To The Future, Bounty, Gunfight at the OK Corral, Married Life, My Darling Clementine, Thirteen Days, Tombstone, Wyatt Earp, Silver Linings Playbook

Oct 27: Exorcism of Emily Rose, Thirteen Days, Zodiac, American Gangster
, Matinee
Oct 28: Social Network. Saint Ralph, Third Miracle, Thirteen Days, Matinee
Oct 29: Live From Baghdad, Munich, Social Network. Donnie Darko, Death of a President.

Oct 30: Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Crow, Dekalog 7, Perfect Storm, Rainmaker 1997, Shining, Social Network, Zodiac

Oct 31: Exorcism of Emily Rose, In The Valley of Elah, King's Speech, Luther, Meet Me In St Louis, Rainmaker 1997, To Kill A Mockingbird, Silver Linings Playbook

Nov 1
: Argo, Half Nelson, In The Valley of Elah, Milk, Rainmaker 1997, Seabiscuit, Apartment, Silver Linings Playbook, Goodfellas

Nov 2: Quiz Show, Synecdoche New York, Aviator, Silver Linings Playbook, Goodfellas

Nov 3: A Man For All Seasons (Scofield), Butch Cassidy, 21, Che, City Of Men, Game 6, Goodfellas

Nov 4: Adjustment Bureau, Argo, Caesar Must Die, Informant! (?), Manchurian Candidate

Nov 5: All The President's Men, Back To The Future, Brothers of the Head, Dark City, Gulliver's Travels (1939), Me and Orson Welles, Black Dahlia, V for Vendetta

Nov 6: Brokeback Mountain, Black Dahlia, Butch Cassidy, Katyn

Nov 7: Brokeback Mountain, Dr. Zhivago, Me and Orson Welles, Milk, Mother and Child, Reds

Nov 8: Nixon. Me and Orson Welles, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Pollock.

Nov 9: Good Bye Lenin!, Me and Orson Welles, Insider, Insider, Lives of Others, Goodfellas, Silver Linings Playbook
Nov 10: Milk, Dark City, Me and Orson Welles, Mother and Child, Zelig, Goodfellas

Nov 11: Be Kind Rewind, Bourne Identity, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Extreme Prejudice, Me and Orson Welles, Munich, Somewhere In Time, Big Red One, Black Dahlia

Nov 12: Back To The Future I & II, Bourne Identity, Helter Skelter, Insider, Ip Man, Last Picture Show

Nov 13: Amityville Horror, Don't Come Knocking, Insider, Karate Kid 2010, Wicker Man (1973)

Nov 14: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Milk, A Mighty Heart, Capote, Black Dahlia. Dark City, Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, We Are Marshall, We Were Soldiers.

Nov 15: Capote, Conspiracy, Rain Man, Mamma Mia. In Cold Blood, We Were Soldiers, Godfather III.

Nov 16: Mamma Mia. Children Of Men, Cinderella Man, Other Voices, Other Rooms, We Were Soldiers

Nov 17: Bourne Ultimatum, Burn After Reading, Death of Mr Lazarescu, Forrest Gump, Frost/Nixon, Grand Budapest Hotel, I Heart Huckabees, Malice, Nixon, Song of Bernadette

Nov 18: Army of Shadows, Bourne Ultimatum, Days Of Darkness, Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, Helter Skelter, Milk, Zodiac
, Vengeance Is Mine
Nov 19: About A Boy, Dark City

Nov 20: Blame It On Fidel, Helter Skelter, Lawrence of Arabia, Michael Collins, Napoleon Dynamite, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Nov 21: Helter Skelter, In Cold Blood, Nines, Pollock

Nov 22: Forrest Gump, Live From Baghdad, Vanilla Sky. JFK, Up.

Nov 23: Across The Universe, Dark City, Double Life of Veronique, American Gangster, Good Night and Good Luck

Nov 24: Brokeback Mountain, Familiar Strangers, Karate Kid 2010

Nov 25: Amistad, Familiar Strangers, Helter Skelter, Milk, Mishima, North By Northwest, Rocky, Social Network, Sansho The Bailiff.

Nov 26: Familiar Strangers, Magnolia, Rocky

Nov 27: Dekalog 5, Milk, Rana's Wedding, Rocky
, Pierrepoint
Nov 28: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, American Gangster. Pollock, When Lions Roared, Pierrepoint 

Nov 29: A Man For All Seasons (Heston), No Country For Old Men, Raising Arizona, Sweet Hereafter, Zodiac

Nov 30: Cinderella Man, Closed Circuit, Death Of A Shadow, Single Man, Social Network, Sweet November


Dec 1: Great Gatsby 2013, Mame, Social Network

Dec 2: Casablanca, Conversation, Game 6, Helter Skelter, Hudsucker Proxy, Munich

Dec 3: Agatha, Casablanca, Karate Kid 2010, Outcasts of Poker Flats, Phantom of the Paradise, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, Swingers, What We Do Is Secret
Dec 4: Agatha, Phantom Ship, Shadowlands (Hopkins), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Shadowlands (Hopkins)

Dec 5: Vanilla Sky. Amadeus.

Dec 6: Chapter 27, Children Of Glory, It's A Gift, Live From Baghdad, Lovely Bones, Nobody To Watch Over Me, Sweet Hereafter, Wind That Shakes Barley

Dec 7: A Man Called Peter, Chapter 27, Double Life of Veronique, From Here To Eternity, Pearl Harbor, State and Main, Final Countdown, Godfather II, Silver Linings Playbook
Dec 8: Chapter 27, Empire of the Sun, Forrest Gump, Kabei: Our Mother, Munich, Diving Bell and Butterfly

Dec 9: 2010, Being John Malkovich, Fantastic Mr Fox, Karate Kid 2010

Dec 10: King's Speech, Black Dahlia, Hudsucker Proxy, Memphis Belle, Social Network. Fantastic Mr Fox, Around The Bend, Reign Of Fire, Winslow Boy, Zodiac.

Dec 11: Battle of Algiers, Boogie Nights, Frankenstein, Goodfellas, Gods and Generals, Karate Kid, King's Speech, Psycho

Dec 12: Kings's Speech, Boys Town, Cinderella Man, Napoleon Dynamite, Psycho, Gods and Generals
, Pierrepoint
Dec 13: La Vie en Rose, Truman Show, Gods and Generals
, Pierrepoint
Dec 14: Agatha, Extreme Prejudice, Goodfellas, Gods and Generals, Helter Skelter, Of Gods and Men, Wicker Man (1973)

Dec 15: Fantastic Mr Fox, Helter Skelter, Jindabyne, King's Speech, Love Actually?, Social Network, State and Main

Dec 16: Army of Shadows, Before Sunset, Capote, Emperor, Helter Skelter, Hiding Place, Man On Fire, Proposition

Dec 17: Wicker Man 1973, Munich. Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, 12:07 East of Bucharest, August Rush, Karate Kid 1984, Proposition.

Dec 18: Wrong Man, Proposition, Zodiac, Zodiac

Dec 19: All The President's Men, Miracle At St Anna, Psycho, Karate Kid, Proposition

Dec 20: * Psycho, Zodiac, Eastern Promises, Proposition

Dec 21: 12:07 East of Bucharest, Adaptation, Around the World in 80 Days, Battle of Algiers, Love Actually, My Night At Maud's, Proposition, Zodiac

Dec 22: 12:07 East of Bucharest, A Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noel), Dogma, Reversal of Fortune, Proposition, Song of Bernadette

Dec 23: 12:07 East of Bucharest, Bananas, Bounty, Flic, My Night At Maud's, Proposition, Emperor

Dec 24: 2046, Apartment, Ben Hur 1925, Breakfast On Pluto, Catch Me If You Can, Christmas Carol, Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noel), Dekalog 3, Double Life of Veronique, Hellboy 2, Helter Skelter, It's A Wonderful Life, Katyn, L.A. Confidential, Meet Me In St Louis, Of Gods and Men, Proposition

Dec 25: Aguirre, Apartment, Christmas Carol, Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noel), Capote, Far From Heaven, Forrest Gump, Gods and Generals, Helter Skelter, Impossible, King's Speech, L.A. Confidential, Lord Of War, Midwinter's Tale, My Night At Maud's, Proposition, Smoke

Dec 26: Vanilla Sky. A Dangerous Method, Meet John Doe, My Night At Maud's, Saint Ralph.

Dec 27: Moonrise Kingdom, My Night At Maud's

Dec 28: * Silver Linings Playbook, 2010, A Dangerous Method, Rob Roy, Tabu, Tropic Thunder
Dec 29: Becket, Tabu, Tabu
, Vengeance Is Mine
Dec 30: The Good Shepherd. In Cold Blood, Pariah.

Dec 31: Aguirre, Apartment, Black Dahlia, Cinema Paradiso, Conspiracy, Far From Heaven, Forrest Gump, Fruitvale Station, Godfather II, Hudsucker Proxy, Looking For Mr Goodbar, Miserables du vingtieme siecle, Notorious Betty Page, On The Road, Pariah, Time Machine


Here's an index to the films covered in this thread, with the post number(s) in which they're cited.

21 [499]
42 [741 742]
140 [558]
1776 [2]
2046 [709]
April 23 [368]
Groundhog Day [2]
Romeo + Juliet [75]
12 Monkeys [392]
12:07 East of Bucharest [417]
16 Blocks [233]
2001: A Space Odyssey [220]
2009 Lost Memories 
2010: The Year We Make Contact [399]
21 Hours In Munich [28]
4 Little Girls [191]
About Schmidt [375]
Abraham Lincoln [94]
Across The Universe [406]
Adam's Apples [365]
Adjustment Bureau [724]
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai [703]
After Hours [731]
After Life [376]
After The Wedding [338]
Aguirre: The Wrath Of God [706]
All Is Lost [757 766]
Almost Heroes [244]
Amadeus [138]
Amazing Grace [393]
Amelie [31 37]
American Gangster [430 644]
American Hustle [778]
Amistad [611]
Amityville Horror [82]
And Along Come Tourists [441]
Andrei Rublev [199]
Angels In America [435]
Apartment [171]
Apocalypse Now [779]
April Fool's Day [166]
Argo [489 589]
Army Of Shadows [683]
As It Is In Heaven [564]
Ashes and Diamonds [336]
Assassination of Jesse James [420]
Assassination of Richard Nixon [397]
Atonement [432 437]
Au Revoir Les Enfants [478 643]
August Rush [498]
Avatar [553]
Avenue Montaigne [340]
Aviator [650]
Babe Ruth Story [106]
Babe, The [106]
Back To The Future [221]
Back To The Future 2 [740]
Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans [548]
Band's Visit [455]
Battle of Algiers [413 746]
Battle: Los Angeles [708]
Beaufort [461]
Before Sunrise [67]
Being John Malkovich [107]
Ben Hur 1925 [718]
Beyond The Gates [337]
Big Lebowski [79]
Big Lift [240]
Bird [175]
Birth Of A Nation [94]
Black Book [359]
Black Dahlia [341]
Black Hawk Down [241]
Black Sunday [41]
Blade Runner [170]
Blame It On Fidel [567 580]
Bling Ring [762]
Bobby [303 438]
Boogie Nights [214]
Boondock Saints [523]
Boston Strangler [73]
Bounty [752]
Bourne Identity 
Bourne Supremacy [132]
Bourne Ultimatum [389]
Braveheart [30]
Breach [381]
Bread and Roses [287]
Breaker Morant [538]
Breakfast Club [80]
Breakfast On Pluto [502]
Bridge On The River Kwai [62]
Bridge Too Far [745]
Brokeback Mountain [228]
Broken City [622]
Broken Flowers [224]
Brothers of the Head [258 493]
Bruce Almighty [139]
Buffalo Bill and the Indians [653]
Bugsy [400]
Burn After Reading [503 695]
Burn! [753]
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid [690]
Cache [212]
Canterbury Tale [691]
Capote [202]
Capricorn One [628]
Captain America [630]
Captain Phillips [754 772]
Casablanca [319]
Casino Royale [313]
Catch Me If You Can [197 711]
Cercle Rouge [668]
Changeling [508]
Chapter 27 [606]
Charlie Wilson's War [434]
Che 1 [513]
Che 2 [513]
Cheri [530]
Children Of Glory [441 454]
Chisum [698]
Chocolat [298]
Chorus [148]
Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noel) [506]
Cinderella Man [221]
Cinema Paradiso [751]
City Of Men [442]
Claire's Knee [521]
Closed Circuit [738]
Cold Mountain [88]
Conspiracy [645]
Conspirator [569]
Constant Gardener [182]
Conversation [763]
Copying Beethoven [386]
Cradle Will Rock [31]
Crimes and Misdemeanors [149]
Crow [85]
Crucible [379]
Cry Freedom [165]
Cry The Beloved Country [377]
Dad [308]
Dallas Buyers Club [769 794 803-809]
Dangerous Method [574]
Dark City [302]
Dark Matter [463]
Dark Water [147]
Das Boot [403]
Day Of Wrath [254]
Daybreakers [750]
Days Of Darkness [443]
Days of Glory (Indogenes) [340]
Days Of Heaven [255]
Dead-End Drive In [543]
Death of a President [277]
Death of a Shadow [625]
Death of Klinghoffer [105]
Death of Mr Lazarescu [330]
Deja Vu [304 601]
Dekalog 3 / 5 / 7 [93 800]
Departed [698]
Despicable Me [685]
Diary of Anne Frank [40]
Dish [21]
Diving Bell and Butterfly [408 413]
Django Unchained [617 652]
Dog Day Afternoon [273]
Dogma [421]
Dogville [188]
Don't Come Knocking [343]
Don't Tell Anyone [444]
Double Indemnity [759]
Double Life of Veronique [760]
Downfall [124]
Dreamers [62]
Earth [539]
Eastern Promises [409]
Education of Charlie Banks [521]
Elizabeth: The Golden Age [403]
Elizabethtown [187]
Emperor [642]
Empire of the Sun [47]
End Of Watch [581]
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [296 332]
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn [58]
Exorcism of Emily Rose [181]
Extreme Measures [146]
Extreme Prejudice [761]
Eye of the Dolphin [395]
Familiar Strangers [467 474]
Far and Away [400]
Far Horizons [400]
Farewell, My Queen [579]
Fargo [518]
Fellowship of the Ring [678]
Field Of Dreams [139]
Final Countdown [47]
Five Card Stud [762]
Flags Of Our Fathers [284]
Flame and Citron [529]
Flic [748]
Flight [777]
Forbidden Zone [744]
Four Days In July [39]
Frankenstein [134]
Freedom Writers [365]
Frida [31]
Fried Green Tomatoes [669]
From Up On Poppy Hill [704 793]
Front Page 1974 [778]
Frost/Nixon [670]
Fruitvale Station [725]
FUBAR [369]
Fugitive 1993 [677 686]
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus [451]
Gallipoli [163]
Game 6 [275 297]
Gandhi [138]
Gangs of New York [136]
Get Low [560]
Get Smart [490]
Gettysburg [109]
Girl With Dragon Tattoo [557]
Glory [133 140]
Godfather [427]
Godfather III [127]
Godfather Part II [431]
Gods and Generals [663 688]
Gone With The Wind [21]
Good Bye Lenin! [117]
Good German [317]
Good Night and Good Luck [190 681]
Good Shepherd [315]
Good, The Bad and The Ugly [289]
Goodbye First Love (Un amour de jeunesse) [576]
Goodfellas [657]
Grace Is Gone [407]
Grand Budapest Hotel [779]
Grande Illusion [684]
Grandmaster [739]
Grass Harp [261]
Grave of the Fireflies [329]
Great Beauty [780]
Great Debaters [500]
Great Gatsby 2013 [729]
Great Northfield Minnesota Raid [400]
Greystoke [694]
Grief Tourist (Dark Tourist) [730]
Gulliver's Travels 1939 [257]
Gunfight at the OK Corral [94]
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones [403]
Hackers [193]
Hair [226]
Half Nelson [266]
Half of a Yellow Sun [781]
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [4]
Hawaii, Oslo [276]
Heaven (Tykwer) [150]
Heaven Can Wait [775]
Hellboy [623]
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army [723]
Helter Skelter [765]
Hereafter [766]
Hibakusha [727]
Hiding Place [128]
High Fidelity [227]
High Sign [516]
Hill Number One [164]
Hills Have Eyes [232]
Hitchcock [605]
Hitler: The Last Ten Days [641]
Hoax [537]
Holiday Inn [94]
Honeydripper [436]
Hope and Glory [91]
Horton Hears A Who [515]
Hour Of The Wolf (Bergman) [563]
Hours [76]
House Of Sand [264]
How Green Was My Valley [293]
Hudsucker Proxy []
Hulk [635]
Hunt [812]
Hustle and Flow [169]
I Am Legend 2007 [813]
I Heart Huckabees [676]
I Wanna Hold Your Hand [17]
I'm Not There [428]
I've Loved You For So Long [511]
Ice Storm [616]
If I Were You [675]
Immigrant [814]
Immortal Beloved [95]
Impossible, The [739]
In A Better World [566]
In A Lonely Place [204]
In Lieu of Flowers [710]
In The Mood For Love [612]
In The Name of the Father [403]
In The Valley of Elah [407]
Incredibles [368]
Independence Day [19]
Informant! [702]
Inherit The Wind [403]
Inside Llewyn Davis [779]
Insider [88 203]
Insignificance [21]
Into The Wild [410]
Invictus [549]
Ip Man: The Final Flight [733]
Island [152]
It's A Gift [699]
It's A Wonderful Life [2 210 682]
Ivan The Terrible [286]
Jaws [6]
Jindabyne [358]
Joan of Arc [36]
Joni [130]
Junebug [231]
Juno [433]
Kabei: Our Mother [524]
Kagemusha [522]
Kanal [336]
Karate Kid 2010 [713]
Katyn [541]
Keeper: Legend of Omar Khayyam [526]
Khartoum [403]
King's Speech [639]
Kingdom of Heaven [130]
Kings of Summer [732]
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang [333]
Kite (Patang) [578]
Knocked Up [600 651]
Krakatoa East of Java [403]
L.A. Confidential [364]
La Vie en Rose [373]
Lake House [253]
Lamumba [205]
Land of Plenty [357]
Last Days of Pompei 1935/1959 [403]
Last King of Scotland [285 327]
Last Picture Show [832]
Last Samurai [488]
Lawrence of Arabia [113]
Lebanon [562]
Like Father Like Son [761]
Lincoln Conspiracy [94]
Little Big Man [6]
Little Children [318]
Little Shop of Horrors [80 679]
Live From Baghdad [762]
Lives of Others [342]
Logan's Run [763]
Lone Ranger [722]
Long Riders [400]
Looking for Mr Goodbar [756]
Looper [674]
Lord Of War [186]
Macbeth 2006 [268]
Malcolm X [4]
Malice [195]
Mallrats [121]
Mamma Mia [673]
Man Called Peter [47]
Man For All Seasons (Heston) [351]
Man On Fire []
Man Who Knew Too Much 1934 [637 692]
Man Who Knew Too Much 1955 [638 692]
Man With Two Brains [235]
Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom [796]
many DVDs [634]
Map of the Human Heart [546]
Marat/Sade [403]
Marathon [214]
Margaret [597]
Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School [290]
Master [581 712]
Matinee [797]
Mean Girls []
Memphis Belle [798]
Michael Clayton [418]
Michael Collins [138]
Midnight Express [568]
Midnight's Children [701]
Midwinter's Tale [780]
Mighty Heart [371]
Milk [510]
Miracle [74]
Miracle at St. Anna [504]
Miracle Worker [14]
Miserables du Vingtieme Siecle []
Mishima [494]
Miss Firecracker [143]
Moneyball [753]
Moonrise Kingdom [577 680]
Mother and Child [559]
Mother Of Mine [446]
Motorcycle Diaries [281]
Mrs Henderson Presents [256]
Mud [720 786]
Munich [215]
My Best Friend [388]
My Big Fat Greek Wedding [177]
My Darling Clementine [94]
My Left Foot [249]
My Night At Maud's [271]
Namesake [346]
Napoleon Dynamite [176]
Natural [281]
Nebraska [770]
Network [519]
New World [322]
New York New York [279]
Night Moves [755]
Night Of January 16 [782]
Night of the Living Dead [135]
Nines [402]
Ninth Day [783]
No [648 696]
No Country For Old Men [426]
Nobody To Watch Over Me [524]
Norma Rae [195]
North Face (Nordwand) [555]
Notes on a Scandal [315]
Notorious [239 634]
Notorious Betty Page [350]
Now You See Me [721]
O Brother Where Art Thou? [47 57]
Oblivion [801]
On The Road [599]
One Day [610]
Ordet [760]
Oslo, August 31st [671]
Other Voices, Other Rooms [354]
Pain and Gain [620]
Parallax View [687]
Pariah [469]
Paris Je T'aime, "Faubourg Saint-Denis" [353]
Path To Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing [492]
Patriot Games [305]
Pawnbroker [517]
Paycheck [274]
Perfect Storm [761]
Petit Soldat [748]
Philomena [764]
Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman [765]
Pink Panther Strikes Again [554]
Place Beyond The Pines [707]
Places in the Heart [736]
Planet Of The Apes 1968 [632]
Pollock [339]
Pope's Toilet [525]
Prestige [294]
Pride of the Yankees [771]
Prince of Players [94]
Prisoner of Shark Island [94]
Prisoners [747]
Proposition [323]
Public Enemies [527]
Pursuit of Happyness [316]
Queen [301]
Quiz Show [196]
Ragtime [138]
Railway Man [139]
Rain Man []
Rainmaker (Gresham) [140]
Raising Arizona [462]
Rana's Wedding [214]
Re-Animator [456]
Reader [514]
Red 2 [722]
Red River [575]
Red Robin [141]
Red Rock West [714]
Redacted [422]
Reign Of Fire [604]
Reprise [474]
Return To Me [238]
Rhapsody in August [312]
Right Kind Of Wrong [142]
Rob Roy [399]
Romero [138]
Rosemary's Baby [758]
Rosewood []
Royal Affair [596]
Sacrifice [262]
Saint Ralph [367]
Sansho The Bailiff [475]
Saphead [516]
Sarah's Key [572]
Saving Mr Banks [789]
Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's [705]
Seabiscuit [31]
Searching For Bobby Fisher [89]
Secret Life of Bees [507]
Secret Life of Walter Mitty [787]
Secrets and Lies [144]
Selena [400]
September 30, 1955 [391]
September Dawn [396]
Seven Percent Solution [21]
Sex In Chains 1928 [157]
Shackleton [97]
Shadowlands (Hopkins) [137]
Sherlock Holmes and A Study In Scarlet [403]
Shining [80]
Shooting Dogs [337]
Shootist [570]
Short Film About Killing [788]
Signs [159]
Silver Linings Playbook [629 647 715]
Simpsons Movie [387]
Since Otar Left [180]
Singin' In The Rain [260]
Slaughterhouse-Five [546]
Smart People [464]
Smoke [185 217]
Sobibor, 14 octobre 1943, 16 heures [550]
Some Like It Hot [55]
Sometimes In April [267 269]
Somewhere In Time [789]
Song of Bernadette [36 48 664]
Sophie Scholl [231 325 633]
Source Code [655]
Space Voyage (Cosmic Voyage) [300]
Spanish Prisoner [38]
Squid and Whale [199]
Star Trek: First Contact [542 616]
Straight Story [220]
Strangers [496]
Stripes [479]
Sullivan's Travels [57]
Sweet Hereafter [320]
Synecdoche, New York [509]
Syriana [206]
Tabu [619]
Taking Woodstock [731]
Tale Of Two Cities [90]
Talk To Me [489]
Taxi Driver [306]
Terminator [80]
Terminator: Salvation [601]
Thank You For Smoking [335]
The Family [743]
Thieves Like Us [362]
Thing About My Folks [355]
Third Miracle [229]
Thirteen Days [11]
Three Days Of The Condor [687]
Time Machine 1960 [768]
Timecrimes [472]
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy [691]
Titanic [103]
Town Called Panic [552]
Trollhunter [573]
Truman Show [155]
Tuskegee Airmen [492]
Up In The Air [547]
Valkyrie [540]
Vanilla Sky [236 372]
Vanya On 42nd Street [810]
Vengeance Is Mine [811]
Venus In Fur [812]
Verdict [192]
Very Long Engagement [178]
Victoria Day [813]
Volver [318]
Wah-Wah [242]
Waking Ned Devine [259]
Walk The Line [194]
Walker [400]
Wall Street [561]
Wannsee Conference [640]
We Are Marshall [321]
We Bought A Zoo [749]
We Were Soldiers [447]
What's Eating Gilbert Grape? [311]
White Diamond [216]
Wicker Man 1973 [265]
Wind Rises [266]
Wind That Shakes Barley [479]
Wolf Of Wall Street [781]
Wolverine [726]
Woman Commands [492]
Woman In Berlin [533]
Workers [719]
World's End [728 734 737]
Wrong Man [207 631]
Wrong Trousers [528]
Wyatt Earp [94]
Yakuza Papers: Battles Without Honour & Humanity [782]
Year My Parents Went On Vacation [440]
Year Of The Dog [358]
Zelig [123]
Zero Dark Thirty [618]
Zulu Dawn [225]


(Original post:)

Okay, yet another one of my list ideas.

Caught part of a piece on CBC radio today, three film critics talking about war films in general, and D-Day films in particular. I'd already been thinking I might watch SAVING PRIVATE RYAN tonight, but one of them mentioned THE LONGEST DAY and, never having seen that, decided to opt for it instead.

Which got me thinking. It would be interesting to try and come up with a calendar of films that contain events on specific dates. Not just historical films, but also - even especially - fiction. (No documentaries, though - too easy.)

So I'm going to start such a list here, and encourage people to add a post when a specific date comes up in a film they're watching (or think of): I'll add them to the list as they come in. I'm sure many of the films will cluster around dates like the fourth of July, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc, but I wonder how long it might take to fill up the rest of the calendar.

Anyway, here goes....

Edited by Ron Reed

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Posted (edited)

Also for July 4: 1776

And let's not forget Feb. 2: Groundhog Day

Edited by Darrel Manson

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Well let me get in "Its a Wonderful life" before the mother of all clusters takes over.

Also "Changing Lanes" is on Good Friday.


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Posted (edited)

May 19: Malcolm X

Aug. 6: need to find a good movie on Hiroshima

Jan. 30: Bloody Sunday

July 31: All the Harry Potter movies

I like this game.

Edited by Darrel Manson

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Aug. 6: Hiroshima mon amour

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Posted (edited)

June 25th or 26th -- Little Big Man

The dates of the Battle of Little Big Horn. It's a long movie, so you could start it at 10pm the 25th, and it will end around 1am the 26th.

July 30th -- Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis

The date is the torpedoing of the ship. The story is of the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, the five days that survivors spent in the water, and the Navy's railroading of it's Captain, Charles McVay -- the only captain in the history of the U.S. Navy to be court-martialed for losing his ship. This is a made-for-TV movie available on VHS. Not the greatest of films, but since it looks like adaptations of Dan Kurzman's "Fatal Voyage" and Doug Stanton's "In Harms Way" have stalled, it's the best that's available. And yes, this is the WW2 incident that Quint so vividly details in...

July 4th -- Jaws

Edited by Baal_T'shuvah

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December 24-- Decalogue 3

Easter Sunday-- Ordet

Thanksgiving-- Babette's Feast

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Sept. 11 - 9/11 (I know it's a TV documentary, but it's the most real one I've seen).

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December 24-- Decalogue 3

Easter Sunday-- Ordet

Oooh. Nifty ones.

Thanksgiving-- Babette's Feast

Are you sure? Surely a thanksgiving theme, but they're not celebrating Thanksgiving, are they? I thought that was strictly a North American holiday.

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Sept. 11 - 9/11 (I know it's a TV documentary, but it's the most real one I've seen).

I think I'm going to skip documentaries.

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Posted (edited)

June 27 and April 11: The Miracle Worker

October 22: Thirteen Days

Edited by Darrel Manson

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Posted (edited)

June 27 and April 11: The Miracle Worker

October 22: Thirteen Days

Okay, you had me puzzling over for these MIRACLE WORKER scenes, Darrel! But some digging around and I realize the opening scene is June 27. But is the date you have for the closing scene April 11? On one website I find this for April 5; "When Anne led her to the water pump on 5 April 1887, all that was about to change." That date's confirmed at another page here.

Good pick of Oct 22 for the focal point on THIRTEEN DAYS. Nice thing about that movie, it could end up standing in for a number of different days, depending on what doesn't get covered by other movies.

Oct 15 - recon photos

Oct 16 - Kennedy is briefed

Oct 22 - public announcement and quarantine

Oct 25 - DEFCON 2

Oct 26 - Kruschev letter

Oct 27 - U2 shot down, second Kruschev letter

Oct 28 - agreement is signed

I wonder which thirteen of those fourteen days the film-makers are referring to?

And that makes me think of REDS, and the book TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD. Does anybody know DOCTOR ZHIVAGO well enough to pick which particular events from the Bolshevik revolution occur within the film?

Edited by Ron

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Posted (edited)

June 27 is Helen Keller's b-day. April 11 is Annie Sullivan's. Keller is better known, but Sullivan is the title character of the story, and a great person to remember. I would expect it would more generally fit at June 27, though. But I also like the April 5 connection.

I remember Oct. 22, because that's when it all became public. And I'm old enough to remember the idea that we were in very deep doodoo.

Edited by Darrel Manson

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Posted (edited)

QUOTE (Darrel Manson @ Jun 7 2004, 09:40 PM) June 27 is Helen Keller's b-day. April 11 is Annie Sullivan's. Keller is better known, but Sullivan is the title character of the story, and a great person to remember. I would expect it would more generally fit at June 27, though. But I also like the April 5 connection.

I remember Oct. 22, because that's when it all became public. And I'm old enough to remember the idea that we were in very deep doodoo.

Since Helen's birth actually occurs in the film, it's a keeper. I don't think Sullivan's does (or does it?), and I'm looking for dates that are actually specifically portrayed (or mentioned) in films, so April 5 works better for me.
<< Revised later: the opening scene in The Miracle Worker is not Helen's birth, it is the day when she loses her sight and hearing, at around 18 months of age. I think the only scene in the film that can be dated is April 5, 1887, when Annie takes her to the water pump and finger-spells "W A T E R", and Helen understands. >>
Edited by Ron Reed

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Ron wrote:

: September 11: 11'09"01, The Guys

Don't know The Guys, but I'm guessing it's all about the September 11 that took place in 2001.

Are there any films about the September 11 that took place in Argentina in 1973? (Actually, I think one of the shorts in 11'09"01 gets into that, if I'm not mistaken.)

Have I mentioned yet that Die Hard is one of my favorite Christmas films ever?

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Ron wrote:

: September 11: 11'09"01, The Guys

Don't know The Guys, but I'm guessing it's all about the September 11 that took place in 2001.

Yes, I believe so.

Are there any films about the September 11 that took place in Argentina in 1973?  (Actually, I think one of the shorts in 11'09"01 gets into that, if I'm not mistaken.)

I don't know about that September 11.

Have I mentioned yet that Die Hard is one of my favorite Christmas films ever?

It's a Christmas party, right? Is it Christmas Eve? Or does it say which day, exactly?

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Ron wrote:

: : Have I mentioned yet that Die Hard is one of my favorite Christmas films ever?


: It's a Christmas party, right? Is it Christmas Eve? Or does it say which day, exactly?

I'm pretty sure it begins on Christmas Eve and ends on Christmas Day, since the basic premise of the film is that Bruce Willis has just flown to Los Angeles to be with his kids for the holiday. But now I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe, the film takes place a few days BEFORE Christmas Eve.

What day did the Beatles play the Ed Sullivan show? Bob Zemeckis's I Want to Hold Your Hand takes place on that day, no?

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Posted (edited)

What day did the Beatles play the Ed Sullivan show?  Bob Zemeckis's I Want to Hold Your Hand takes place on that day, no?

Fab! I didn't know about this one.

Feb 9 1964 was their first Ed Sullivan appearance, filmed in NYC (so, judging by the IMDb description, this must be the date); All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You at the beginning; I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand in the second half.

On Feb 16 they did their second live Sullivan appearance, but filmed before a live audience at the Deauvill Hotel in Miami Beach; She Loves You, This Boy, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Edited by Ron

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Much of the action of Independence Day takes place on July 4th, doesn't it?

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Much of the action of Independence Day takes place on July 4th, doesn't it?

That would make sense! I'll add it, at least until someone disabuses us of our misconception in this matter.

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Posted (edited)

I've been thinking about a particular kind of film (or film scene) that's especially fun to fit into this calendar - fictional movies that incorporate historical events. FORREST GUMP brought this to mind, which led me to think of ZELIG. I haven't seen either movie recently enough to remember which specific, dateable events happen in each, but they're a good source, I'm sure.

Some others that have come to mind;

THE SEVEN PERCENT SOLUTION - based on the Nicholas Meyer Sherlock Holmes pastiche, which begins April 24, 1991. (Oops, typo - 1991 should be 1891). I'm thinking there are likely other dates that also come up, as it's one of those books where a chief delight is seeing the author play with history. I don't recall what else happens, but I know Holmes meets us with Sigmund Freud, and I wouldn't be surprised if specific events get played out.

ADAPTATION - ties in with the New Yorker article? And probably other dateable events?

BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE - don't remember what events they end up part of, but...

CHINATOWN - has a Seabiscuit newspaper headline, though I doubt the date is discernible.


GONE WITH THE WIND - well, I guess it's more in the at-least-quasi-Historical department.

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM - specific events?

INSIGNIFICANCE - the night following the famous photo shoot with the wind lifting Marilyn Monroe's skirt

MY LIFE AS A DOG - ties in with Russian space program?

THE NATURAL - this is a stretch, but one episode is inspired in part byt the Eddie Waitkus shooting

OCTOBER SKY - more space program tie-in? Unless this is actually more of an autobiographical story?

TWIST & SHOUT - doesn't it tie in with the Beatle's Scandinavian tour?

Any others come to mind?


Edited by Ron

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Posted (edited)

Judging from your Seven Percent Solution example, are you incorporating films that refer to FUTURE events? Kind of like how 2001: A Space Odyssey and Terminator 2: Judgment Day both tell us the dates of specific events (the creation of HAL and the nuclear annihilation of the world, respectively)? I could try tracking down a few such dates, if you like!

Edited by Peter T Chattaway

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Sept. 5th - One Day in September

Kevin MacDonald's documentary of the hostage tragedy at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Blade Runner doesn't have a specific date, but it does take place in November, 2019.

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Given Ron's no-documentary clause, I'm not sure One Day in September would qualify -- but those Steve Prefontaine movies might (Prefontaine, Without Limits).

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Posted (edited)

Judging from your Seven Percent Solution example, are you incorporating films that refer to FUTURE events?
Edited by Ron

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