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Three songs that a friend of mine and I have written lately

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I haven't been active much on A&F for awhile, but I'm hoping to spend more time here now. Most recently, I've been collaborating with a friend of mine to write songs. We've known each some 35 years, and I have occasionally, over the years, collaborated with him on songs. His interest in writing music has always been deeper and much more continuous than mine. When he recently asked me to work with him again, I said "Sure." Neither of us is a professional songwriter, and none of our songs have been published or recorded. We'd like to be published and recorded - who wouldn't be? - but mostly we do it because we simply enjoy it.

Anyway, if anyone here would like to take a listen to our three latest songs, I'd be delighted. But I have to forewarn you that the tracks we have for you to play at this point, with one exception, are not live recordings - they're just software-generated. As such, they lack vocals (neither my friend nor I sing, even a little bit). But, we will soon have studio-recorded demos of these songs, with vocal tracks. In fact, instrumental tracks for two of the songs (Midsummer Blues and Another Time) were recorded in a studio tonight, with vocal tracks to be added in about two weeks.

Here is a link to my Soundcloud account. Lyrics are posted there and, to help compensate for the lack of vocals, I have also posted links to lead sheets for the songs. So if you read music, you can follow along by reading the lead sheets, while listening to the instrumentals. Any feedback - positive or negative - is much appreciated!

- Mike

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