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Greg Wolfe

Kelly Joe Phelps

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I did a search and couldn't find a thread on Kelly Joe Phelps. I fell in love with his 1999 album "Shine Eyed Mister Zen" but hadn't thought a lot about him lately.

That changed when someone pointed out that he has a new album due out in August called "Brother Sinner and the Whale."

From an interview about the album at No Depression:

"...like a lot of people, I’ve never been far away from religion or spirituality. I was involved with it. My parents were involved with it. When I was eighteen, I voluntarily involved myself with an evangelical group and had what was referred to as a born again experience. I spent a lot of time away from the church. A couple of years ago, through a few different experiences and situations I started reading stuff that made me feel I’d be foolish if I ignored this calling much longer or pretended I knew what I didn’t know."


If I'm wrong about threads about him, let me know and I'll delete this one and post elsewhere.

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Greg, Brother Sinner and the Whale is a terrific album. There are a couple traditional country blues tunes, but for the most part these are original Kelly Joe Phelps songs, and they're stellar. Loosely tied to the Book of Jonah, and full of imagery from that book, these are nevertheless autobiographical songs about a man who runs from God, and a man who is found by God in spite of himself. Phelps is a wonderfully soulful singer, a perceptive writer, and one of the best acoustic pickers and slide guitarists currently working. His latest is a beautiful piece of work.

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