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New Glasses Frames: How Often?


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How often do you change glasses frames?

I picked up a pair of new glasses today. My prescription hadn't changed since my lenses were updated a couple of years ago. The frames are the best I've ever had -- they were a very different look, and they gave me a different look, in a good way.

But I purchased those frames more than four years ago.

Even though the glasses still look fashionable (in my estimation), the paint on them was chipping, and one side had loosened considerably after the glasses got snagged on something. I still wore them with no problem, but decided the time had come for new frames.

These new frames are similar to the frames I've had the past four years, but the color is different and the bar across the nose doesn't dip as much -- it's close to straight across. That makes for a subtle but noticeable difference.

When the woman at the frame shop put my new glasses on, my first reaction was slight disappointment. I think I liked these frames when I tried them on as frames -- with no lenses. Now that they have the lenses in them, they look a little different. I think I like them, but my instant reaction when I first put them on was one of slight disappointment. That reaction was mitigated by the woman at the frame shop, who declared, "I like those!" (do they ever tell their customers anything different?), and then, more important, by my wife, who hadn't seen the frames when I purchased them and who declared that she, too, liked them.


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I wore my last frames for just over 8 years, while only having the lenses changed for prescription purposes once during that time (with an upgrade to transitions). They were half-frames, kind of small and rectangular. However, this past year I noticed that although my distance vision was not a problem, I was developing a much narrower distance for reading. Got my eyes checked in September just before my 48th b-day, and sure enough I needed bifocals. That meant getting rid of the old frames for something a bit larger and rounder, still half- frames, but kind of similar to the "camera" glasses Tom Cruise wore in the first Mission Impossible. I also opted for progressive lenses, which don't have the bifocal line. They have a large area on top for normal distance, and then merge down to the bifocal prescription. There's an in-between area that's perfect for computer work. Got to say I'm really enjoying them.

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I bought new frames earlier this year, and I made a point of getting frames that resembled my existing frames as much as possible -- and apparently I succeeded, since a number of people didn't even notice the change! I think I bought my previous pair about four years ago...

However, *this* year I got prescription *shades* along with my regular glasses. I'd been thinking about doing that for a long, long time, but had never gotten around to it... until now.

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