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Peter T Chattaway

Pete's Dragon

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14 hours ago, Overstreet said:

I'm not sure I'd say "It is the film Where The Wild Things Are wanted to be," as the films are up to very different things. But they're similarly successful at what they set out to do. Wild Things feels to me like the way in which a child works out righteous anger imaginatively on a journey to accepting what is; and the characters role play in a sort of dream-logic working out of conversations he has heard at home but not understood. Pete's Dragon feels like the way in which a child grieves, finding consolation in the sense of a benevolent Presence 

Right, let's strike that comparison. It has been too long since I have seen WTWTA and do very much like the film. I am struck by the way there seems to be a constant thematic interest across Lowery's films, which have all been fairly different in setting and content so far. St. Nick runs a little close. 

At first I cringed a bit at the deforestation thing, though I felt he did a good job of not pushing hard on the ecological angle. Repeated focus on the deforestation has more to do with the major plot point about how Pete managed to hide out so long. The "bad guy" tension was a bit broadly drawn here, but I like the simplicity of that as well - the "bad guy" really is a mixed bag of desires, which all trend toward wanting to get out of this little town and make a name for himself. In contrast, this giant dragon completely resists fame and fortune (seemingly even unaware of its existence) by cloaking himself in the forest with a little boy.

But at this point I am way over-reading the film. 

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