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Jeremy Ratzlaff

Fear & Trembling: The Movie?

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Hopefully not quite as ridiculous as the title of this thread suggests; I've had a strong desire for the past two years to see the life of Soren Kierkegaard realized in the form of a historical drama film. Beyond obsessively studying his life, I've been tinkering away at a screenplay in my spare time, and doing my best to educate myself on the early nineteenth century backdrop. It's something I dream of somehow seeing produced within the next ten years. God willing. wink.png

In the meantime, I built this yesterday to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Kierkegaard's birth (May 5th, 1813), taking clips from other films and a remixed version of Mozart's Don Giovanni by Hans Zimmer. I was able to get a few friends to record original voice-overs for the characters of Soren and Regine. I feel it gives a fairly good idea of what I would hope the film to feel like, albeit verging on extreme melodrama (hey, it's movie trailer).

Anyways, I hoped there might be at least a couple of people on here who would be able to appreciate this.

If you see potential in it, let me know. Thoughts and opinions are appreciated!

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