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Closed Circuit (2013)

Evan C

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We don't have a thread for this?


I saw it today and thought it wasn't as bad as some reviews are making it out to be.


It certainly has its share of flaws.  The plot is rather predictable, primarily regarding the identity of the corrupt government officials and the whole nature of the mystery.  There are also way too many cuts to the security camera point of view, constantly reminding the audience that SOMEONE IS WATCHING!  Those cuts also gives away too much of the plot too far in advance, undermining some of the suspense of the mystery.


As an intelligent barrister, it doesn't really make sense that it took Eric Bana as long as it did to figure out who was spying on him and Rebecca Hall.  He told only one person about the same cab repeatedly picking him up, and then the next cab mysteriously (as he noted) had a different identification number.  That same person is also the only one who knew that he and Hall had an illicit affair, which the agency they're trying to expose uses to threaten them.  But it takes a couple more slips from the character before Bana figures it out.  The audience is then supposed to be surprised when this spy is seen meeting with the head of the corrupt agency.


Julia Stiles essentially has a glorified cameo of two scenes where she asks the obvious questions that any alert audience member would already be asking and to make the semi-obvious parallels to Snowden and Greenwald.  Her questions are topical to recent controversies, yet the film's presentation of them is not particularly new or interesting.


All that said, I did enjoy it overall.  The performances are quite good and the pace moves along briskly, just fast enough to stay engaging and not so fast as to be overwhelming.


I also thought it had one of the stronger scores I've heard this year (not that I've actually heard any really noteworthy film scores this year.)  The quiet rhythmic piano music had a less is more approach which added to the atmosphere of the film without distracting from it.

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