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Child of God (2013)

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I don't think there is a thread for this already. I looked, but...the title is confusing since there are many similarly titles projects. Over at 1More FIlm Blog Courtney Schultz reported on this one from the Virginia Film Festival:

Throughout the movie, Lester Ballard continuously makes attempts to demonstrate his human status, even if he has to commit murder and perform acts of necrophilia to do it. Ballard’s circumstances have deprived him of a basic human need: love. And he is willing to do anything, regardless of the law, to find affection from someone—or something—to assert that he is more than an animal.

It sounds like most of the Q&A was about Scott Haze's working relationship to James Franco as a director and his method acting techniques. (Lived in a cave for three months! Somebody cue Laurence Olivier to Dustin Hoffman). For the search engines: this is based on a novel by Cormac McCarthy.


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FWIW, this is now streaming on Netflix US. Because I'm inexplicably drawn to Franco's bastardizations of American literature, I'll be watching it next weekend.


Speaking of which:

The Sound and the Fury

As I Lay Dying

The Broken Tower

American Tabloid

Howl [not Franco-directed]

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