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Peter T Chattaway

Indiana Jones 5

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Where's the news here? A friend of mine linked to a story about this on Facebook yesterday, but the story he linked to was almost a year old. When I pointed this out, he said he hadn't checked the date but the post had been making the rounds on social media.

I think it's kind of telling that Digital Spy doesn't actually link to its source. (FWIW, NBooth, the story you linked to on Tuesday, while apparently new in and of itself, uses the *exact same quote* from Alan Horn that the story you linked to a year ago did.)

For me, the more interesting question is why we haven't been hearing any buzz about this film despite the fact that Disney announced it a year ago and the release date is now only two years away.

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Just for the record: Disney announced this week that they're pushing the film's release date back one year, to July 10, 2020.

By that time it will have been *12* years since the last Indiana Jones movie.

If they set the new movie 12 years after the last one, the same way there was a 19-year gap between Crystal Skull and Last Crusade in both the movies and real life, this movie would be taking place in 1969.

If the first three movies were patterned after the adventure serials of the 1930s, and the fourth movie was patterned after the UFO movies of the 1950s, what will the fifth movie be patterned after? Or, now that George Lucas is out of the picture, does anyone care about that sort of consideration any more?

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