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Peter T Chattaway

Oscars 2014: Best Production Design


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The Art Directors Guild has announced its nominees:


Period Film

AMERICAN HUSTLE                                             Production Designer:  Judy Becker
THE GREAT GATSBY                                           Production Designer:  Catherine Martin
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS                                        Production Designer:  Jess Gonchor
SAVING MR. BANKS                                             Production Designer:  Michael Corenblith
12 YEARS A SLAVE                                              Production Designer:  Adam Stockhausen


Fantasy Film

ELYSIUM                                                                Production Designer:  Philip Ivey
GRAVITY                                                                Production Designer:  Andy Nicholson
THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG             Production Designer:  Dan Hennah
OBLIVION                                                               Production Designer:  Darren Gilford
STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS                              Production Designer:  Scott Chambliss


Contemporary Film

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY                                 Production Designer: David Gropman
BLUE JASMINE                                                    Production Designer: Santo Loquasto
CAPTAIN PHILLIPS                                              Production Designer: Paul Kirby
HER                                                                       Production Designer: K.K.Barrett
THE WOLF OF WALL STREET                            Production Designer: Bob Shaw


The winner wills be announced February 8.

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I just mentioned this at Twitter, but note how American Hustle, based on the Abscam scandal of the late '70s and early '80s, is categorized as a "period" film here, while The Wolf of Wall Street, based on true events in the late '80s and early '90s, is categorized as a "contemporary" film.


And note how Gravity, a hard-ish science film set in the vague present day (it includes both the American space shuttle program, which was mothballed a year or two ago, and the Chinese space station, which is not yet finished), is categorized as a "fantasy" film while Her, a sci-fi film set somewhere in the future, is categorized as a "contemporary" film.

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So, the Academy nominated three of the Art Directors Guild's "period" nominees, one of their "fantasy" nominees, and one of their "contemporary" nominees (though I think the "fantasy" nominee, Gravity, and the "contemporary" nominee, Her, should probably have been reversed; ah well).

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And the winners of the ADG awards are... The Great Gatsby (period), Gravity (fantasy) and Her (contemporary).


All three films are nominated for the Oscar, along with American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave (which were both in the AGA's "period" category, and thus lost to The Great Gatsby).

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